US bill would hike federal diesel taxes 6.3 cents/gallon

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a plan that could cost Canadian cross-border trucking companies, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) is lobbying to swap a 12% federal excise tax on large trucks with a “modest” increase in diesel fuel taxes.

The bil was introduced by Reps. Jim Gerlach (R-Penn.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and endorsed by the ATA. If adopted, new trucks will be more affordable in the US, however diesel fuel taxes would increase, a trade-off the US trucking industry seems willing to make.

“The proposal by Congressmen Gerlach and Blumenauer would not only reinforce the ailing Highway Trust Fund, but would provide a boost to US manufacturing and speed adoption of environmentally friendly technologies,” ATA president Bill Graves said. “It is exactly the kind of pro-growth, deficit-trimming legislation that lawmakers should be looking at as they seek to address our nation’s economic woes.”

The bill would see the federal diesel tax go up 6.3 cents per gallon.

“Revenues from the excise tax are only paid into the Highway Trust Fund when new trucks are purchased, but when truck sales slump, it puts even more pressure on the already overextended fund,” Graves said. “By collecting more in the diesel tax, the federal government could ensure a more stable and predictable source of funding for needed highway and bridge projects.”

“Further, by cutting more than $15,000 from the cost of the average new truck, eliminating the excise tax will encourage purchases of trucks, providing a boost for manufacturing and accelerate the adoption of new technologies aimed at improving safety and fuel efficiency,” he added. “Legislation like this is a win-win for the government and for the business community and should be swiftly enacted.”

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  • Yea!!! Another modest tax increase to help the economy along. I am not sure I can afford anymore modest tax increases!!! Where do these dummies ever get the idea that taxes boost the economy. I don’t drive a “big truck” so I won’t see this wonderful reduction when I buy a new truck, so I guess the trade off doesn’t impact all us who drive small trucks and cars that run on diesel. Go figure!!

  • Yep. Agree with Robert #1. Lets see what runs on diesel. Trains, trucks, school busses, fire trucks, fuel trucks at airports, clean diesel cars, container ships, emergency power generators at hospitals, construction equipment …. What do they carry? All of our food, all of our comodities, all of our mail and parcels, our medicine, coal for power plants … Why don’t we just stop spending so much on stupid give aways and get rid of the waste? Too simple.

  • Actually a lot of those types of vehicles are transitioning to natural gas and away from Diesel. This is just a way to shore up revenues in the HTF, and help move us away from foreign petroleum. The two Roberts are just being reactionary and not thinking it through.

    Sometimes you have to swap one tax for another that makes more sense. Just cutting everything without thinking it through is a very conservative viewpoint, but you guys end up shooting the entire country in the foot with such ill-informed, short-term thought processes.

  • Oh yes, let’s hit the diesel pickup owners with more taxes so the big semis, who are the major polluters can get a break. When you see the thousands of big rigs criss crossing our country belching out their black smoke you k ow where a lot of pollution is coming from.trombone

  • I think this is a big business move to put the screws to the average diesel pick up owner. As a diesel ford owner I resent the rules being changed after I have made my purchase. The big boys in the trucking industry are making money and if they are able to buy new equipment do it. But not at my expense of raising fuel taxes on the small truck owner in this country. Lets help the average truck owner,I do not need to help the trucking companies out any time.

  • Business as usual in Washington, DC. Brett you must be a big truck driver looking to buy a new truck! There are already more taxes on diesel fuel than there are on gas. Diesel is what moves our economy and it is still working so let’s find a way to add more cost to all the products moved by diesel.
    I can’t wait for the election it can’t get here soon enough!!