US fleet sentiment remains strong

by Truck News

COLUMBUS, Ohio — US fleets are planning to continue ordering new equipment in 2016 at a pace similar to 2015, according to the latest Fleet Sentiment Report from CK Commercial Vehicle Research.

A majority (76%) say their heavy-duty truck orders will match this year’s pace in 2016, with some even planning to ramp up ordering activity. A smaller percentage (63%) said they’ll maintain their pace of ordering trailers in 2016.

Many fleets responding to the survey said an inability to find qualified drivers is affecting their ability to grow and to take advantage of strong freight demand.

Chris Kemmer from CK Commercial Vehicle Research, said “While a majority of the fleets reporting to us saw their business as good or even excellent, any fall-off in freight or work demand will certainly cause them to re-think their 2016 plans. They have been upgrading their equipment at a pretty high level over the last two to three years so I expect they could take a pause in new equipment purchases without taking a significant hit to maintenance costs associated with older vehicles. But if the economy stays fairly strong, they will likely continue to purchase new trucks and trailers at a similar level as we’ve seen this year.”

Q4 2015 Buying Index Chart

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