Accuride unveils set-and-forget hub system

by Truck News

ATLANTA, Ga. – Accuride vice president – OEM sales, trailer, and municipal Neil McIrvin still remembers a fleet owner who asked why the industry couldn’t make a wheel end system that lasts the life of a trailer or truck.

One of the biggest barriers to the goal was bearing adjustments, of course. Overtightened bearings will fail prematurely, overheating and contaminating the lube. When bearings are too loose, seals dislodge and begin leaking oil or grease, contributing to tire wear in the process. Problems emerge if the preload is off by the width of a human hair.

Now Accuride believes it has the answer in the form of the new ROLLiant hub system that comes with a 10-year warranty for trailers and seven years for trucks. “We think it’s a game changer,” said McIrvin, unveiling the product during the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

One of the secrets is an extended inner race designed to ensure perfect endplay at the factory. Extended bearing cones, cups and seals come already installed. Just put on a spindle nut and it’s done.

This eliminates challenges that emerge when installers use a hammer to beat a seal in place, or wipe components with dirty rags picked off the floor, he said. “This is truly a set-it-and-forget-it technology.”

Each hub comes with the endplay inspected, and carries an individual serial number to ensure traceability.

It works with straight- and tapered-spindle hub designs and doesn’t require specialized spindle nuts or extra parts.

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