Daimler unveils DD5 engine at Work Truck Show; DD8 to follow

by Truck West

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Daimler Truck North America released the first of two new medium duty engines to Work Truck Show attendees March 2 – the Detroit DD5.

The DD5, which Daimler plans to follow up with the Detroit DD8 in 2018, is part of Daimler’s $375 million investment to bring medium duty engine production to its Redford, Mich. facility, with initial production taking place in Manheim, Germany before moving to the US in 2018.

“We are excited to unveil the DD5 here at the NTEA Work Truck Show and offer customers their first look at what is a proud new addition to the Detroit engines lineup,” Kary Schaefer, general manager of marketing and strategy for Daimler Trucks North America. “We fully expect that as customers come to realize the total cost advantage of running these reliable and efficient DD5 engines in their fleets, they will demand Detroit as the engine of choice as they have with the heavy-duty DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines.”

The DD5 will first be offered in two power ratings: a 210 horsepower with 575 ft.-lb. of torque and a 230 horsepower with 660 ft.-lb. of torque. Once production shifts to the US, Daimler plans to release additional ratings for the engine.

The DD5 and DD8 will have a 45,000 mile maintenance interval and will be equipped with the Detroit Connect Virtual Technician remote diagnostics service.

Daimler's Detroit DD5 engine.
Daimler’s Detroit DD5 engine.

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  • It is so “Amazing”, the” power” you can skueeze out of these engines, Then ” 45,000 mile maintance” intervals: “THAT is so different from 1960”
    Wishing you great prosperity!

  • Check the Cummins service intervals more like 5,000 miss in normal use!
    This is terrific savings in both cost and impact on the environment.
    Good job Detroit!

  • DD has been a leader in Diesel engines for many years and this new engine bring some the design parameters that made diesel engine great. HP should be low and torque should be high in diesel engine. Running at low rpm keeps those engines healthy for a long time. Torque is what you need to pull the loads easily and hp gives you the ability to keep the load cruising at a decent speed. But for city operation i dont think you need a high HP engine. Just my two cents.