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Bendix reports increased interest in stability systems

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Bendix predicts increasing demand for stability systems will allow the company to double its sales this year alone.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Bendix predicts increasing demand for stability systems will allow the company to double its sales this year alone.

Company officials said at the Mid-America Trucking Show that they expect to have 80,000 trucks equipped with the Bendix ESP Electronic Stability System on the road by the end of 2008. That would double the number currently operating with the system. The company says it will once again double sales by the end of the decade.

Fred Andersky, marketing manager – electronics, with Bendix, said 7% of the 2007 truck build was equipped with Bendix ESP. It comes standard on Mack and Volvo (with no delete credit) as well as Kenworth and Peterbilt (with a delete credit). It remains an option on International trucks.

Andersky said 90% of highway trucks can now be purchased with ESP and there is continued growth on the vocational side as well.

“Even during an industry downturn, we saw more and more interest in the technology in 2007,” said Kevin Romanchok, Bendix product line director for electronics.

Bendix continues to emphasize the differences between its ESP full-stability system and other systems on the market which the company refers to as “roll-only” stability systems. The electronic stability system offered by Bendix has increased capabilities, and it can help prevent other lossof-control situations beyond rollovers, explained Andersky. It features additional sensors such as a yaw and steer angle sensor, which the company said helps to identify potential incidents earlier and respond sooner.

“The market is still having a problem understanding the difference between full-stability and roll-stability systems,” he said.

To help explain the differences, the company is penning a white paper on the subject, which will be released in late April.

“As the industry becomes more interested in stability technology and begins to recognize the value it offers, we believe it’s important that industry participants fully understand their stability options,” said Andersky.

Bendix is also honing its sights on the trailer market and has developed new trailer stability systems. Bendix TABS-6 Advanced and TABS-6 Advanced MC (for trailers with multiple axles) are both roll stability systems for trailers, aimed at addressing a broad range of trailer types and configurations, the company announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Andersky said the TABS-6 Advanced product is the industry’s first single-channel, tankmountable trailer roll stability system. The single-channel solution covers about 90% of the trailer market, Andersky explained. The remaining 10% of the market can purchase the TABS-6 Advanced MC system, which can accommodate a range of configurations from two sensor/two modulator systems all the way to sixsensor/three modulator systems, the company explained.

Bendix said its trailer stability systems are priced competitively and easy to install.

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