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Bigger concerns than engine brakes

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

RE: Calgary alderman calls for steeper fines for engine brake use,

“Maybe we have to pull them over randomly,” Burrows suggested. “For $1,000, they might think twice about using the brakes in the city.”

Would you please ask Ald. Burrows how exactly he intends to pull offenders over “randomly” for jake brake use? A driver is either using them or not.

I’d be interested to hear his ideas about how to prosecute or prevent all other disturbers of our peace – like the incessantly barking dog or the kid across the street who rides his pimped-up motorcycle up and down my street at three o’clock in the morning.

Perhaps he’d like the police to knock on all of our doors “at random” until they find the turbulent culprits. Perhaps a $1,000 fine would work on these other nuisances as well.

I’d suggest a little perspective is in order. Is this really as serious an issue as, say, doctored logbooks, or wheel-offs.

Al Sibilo

Markel Insurance

Edmonton, Alta.

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