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Canadian Carriers Will Need U.S. Hazmat Endorsement

TORONTO, Ont. - Canadian carriers of hazardous materials will soon be required to obtain hazmat endorsements similar to those already mandatory for U.S. carriers, Truck News has learned.The U.S. Trans...

TORONTO, Ont. – Canadian carriers of hazardous materials will soon be required to obtain hazmat endorsements similar to those already mandatory for U.S. carriers, Truck News has learned.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration recently issued several so-called “guidance” documents concerning the pending requirement to have all drivers, U.S. and foreign alike, undergo security screenings to get hazmat endorsements. The news came as no surprise to Canadian Trucking Alliance officials.

“It has been our assumption for several months now that Canadian drivers would have to undergo some sort of security check to carry hazardous materials across the border,” says Graham Cooper, senior vice-president of the CTA. “Already, Canadian drivers of explosives have had to get special clearance to cross the border as a temporary measure.” (See more on how to apply for temporary clearance below.)

A ruling on what exactly will be required of Canadian drivers who carry hazardous materials across the border is expected to come down as early as this fall. But Cooper doesn’t feel it’s something to worry about.

“Carriers will be given some time to get their endorsements. And what we’re hoping is that FAST card carriers will already qualify for the endorsement, because they’re undergoing not just one security check, but two.”

FAST card carriers undergo security checks both north and south of the border, whereas U.S. hazmat carriers who received their endorsements have only undergone security checks in the States, Cooper explained.

“It would just make sense to accept the FAST card,” he says, adding he believes it’s likely U.S. authorities will think the same way.

According to the CTA, nearly 18,000 drivers have already applied for or received their FAST cards to date, says Cooper.

“And the six processing centres we have now will double by the end of the year, according to Canadian customs,” Cooper says.

In the meantime, the process for getting U.S. clearance to carry explosives across the border is as follows:

First, obtain a copy of the Transportation Security Clearance application form from Transport Canada’s Web site at

Complete the entire form. Every question must be answered. Contact staff at any Transport Canada Service Centre to schedule an appointment. Inform the staff that the application is under the special program for transporters of explosives into the U.S. You may also present yourself at any of Canada’s major airports, where personnel have offered to assist in processing your application. You must bring your completed application form, as well as the required identification documents to your appointment. The documents include your original birth certificate and your passport, if you have one. If you are a naturalized Canadian citizen, you must provide your Certificate of Canadian Citizenship as well. If you are a landed immigrant, your original Record of Landing (Form IMM 1000) and Permanent Resident Card are required. At your appointment your fingerprints will be taken and your identification documents will be scanned along with the application form. All of your documents will be returned to you immediately.

You will receive your results in the mail. You will not be issued any documentation. Your name will simply be added to a list provided to government representatives on both sides of the border, including Canadian Customs and U.S. border officials. If you need additional assistance outside normal working hours, you can ask that U.S. Customs contact the Canada Customs Traveler Reporting Centre at 888-226-7277 to help verify your valid Transportation Security Clearance. If you have special concerns about your application, contact Transport Canada at 613-990-5532 or via e-mail at SecurityScreeningRequests/

For more information about Transport Security Clearances visit the Transport Canada Web site at

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