Dead driver made several mistakes

by Raymond Mercuri

There’s something to be learned from every accident scenario, and the following situation is no different.

I was reviewing the death of an Ontario trucker who was killed after he was thrown from his truck. Witnesses said the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed, failed to make a curve in the road, and rolled several times before striking a hydro pole.

What can be learned from this tragic event that could improve our own day-to-day personal safety? What do you think he could have done to prevent this accident?

First, the driver was traveling too fast for the conditions, and not just according to the witnesses. Loss of control is always attributable to a speeding vehicle.

Second, the driver didn’t slow down for the curve. Defensive driving techniques require you to have the big picture of what’s happening up ahead while driving. So when you enter a curve, you need to compensate for the decreasing forward view that you would have.

You simply can’t see far enough ahead in a curve. Your only prudent action is to back off a little to compensate.

Third, and I can only guess, did tires, vehicle condition or load security play a role or factor leading up to this crash?

The final and most fatal mistake this driver made was failing to protect himself by not wearing his seatbelt.

Time and time again, I hear excuses for not wearing a seatbelt – whether they be from commercial truck drivers or four-wheelers. Believe me when I say I’ve heard them all.

“I won’t be able to get my deliveries off… I find seatbelts are far too uncomfortable.”

I know one gentleman that actually has a medical condition that will not allow him to wear one, and he has an exemption card issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

This guy would wear one if he had the chance.

The use of seatbelts is mandated by law, and seatbelt use just makes sense in my book. They are tools of safety.

Any way you cut the cake, the dead driver certainly won’t be given a chance to offer one of the lame excuses. n

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