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Editorial Comment: Blogs are for geeks! Trucking geeks, that is

Editorial director Lou Smyrlis may be my boss - but we don't always agree on everything. It's rare that we write about the same subject on this page....

James Menzies

James Menzies

Editorial director Lou Smyrlis may be my boss – but we don’t always agree on everything. It’s rare that we write about the same subject on this page.

When we do, it’s rare that we agree.

But we certainly agree that the addition of the blog (Web log) to is a monumental event in the trucking industry publishing biz.

To our knowledge, it’s never been done in North America – and maybe not even the world. Do a Google search for ‘truck blog’ and good luck finding a quality trucking industry blog.

Well, we are pleased to fill the void with the launch of our new blog.

Just visit and click ‘Editor’s Blog’ on the left-hand menu to access the free feature.

We’re proud to be the first trucking publication to jump on the ‘blog bandwagon.’

I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t initially a fan of the idea.

When Web editor Adam Ledlow made the suggestion, I scoffed at it.

“Blogs belong to Web geeks, not truckers,” I snapped on a particularly snarky Monday morning.

Then I began to read them. Blogs written by athletes. Blogs written by celebrities. Blogs written by cab drivers – suddenly everyone had a blog.

The beauty of the blog is that it is not bound by the traditional journalistic rules of the trade.

There, the editors of Truck News will be able to be ourselves.

We can vent about moronic four-wheelers, nonsensical legislations and piss-poor products without fear of repercussion.

Better yet, you will be able to join into the discussion by responding to our posts.

Keep it clean and reasonable and we won’t hesitate to publish your responses on the site.

Truck News has always provided a voice to the driver and owner/operator and now we’re taking it to a whole new level.

I hope you take a few minutes to check it out and send us your thoughts.

After all, the whole point of the blog is to provide a forum for conversation – with you, the readers, the ones who run this industry we write about.


On a sadder note…it seems uncomprehensible that someone who dedicated her entire life to being a trucker’s wife could lose her husband so suddenly and unexpectedly.

But sadly, that’s exactly what happened to Truck News columnist Kelly Livingstone.

There are countless truckers’ wives who read Truck News religiously.

Whether they are sitting in the passenger seat on a run through the Prairies or picking up after their husband at home, so many truckers’ wives have delved into Truck News – and Kelly’s column has clearly struck a chord with many of them.

She spoke of issues that only a trucker’s wife could understand – and we hope she will eventually continue to do so.

After all, Kelly will always be a trucker’s wife.

To send your condolences or thoughts to Kelly, visit her Web site:

– James Menzies can be reached by phone at (416) 510-6896 or by e-mail at

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