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Focus should be on trains, not trucks

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I am furious that federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt wants more regulations for dangerous goods road carriers because of the tragedy in Quebec.

What a load of nonsense! Lisa Raitt, based on her statements, should immediately resign. She has no clue what she is doing and is in way over her head.

Trains have been flying off the rails in this country on a regular basis for several years now. The government did nothing.

The media let every last incident fade from peoples’ memories.

The railroads just cleaned up each wreck and right back to status quo. So it’s the trucking industry that’s gonna pay?

I live in Oshawa, Ont. In the last few years there have been several major derailments right here in Ontario alone.

Lord only knows how many more in other provinces.

Steve Delbrocco
Oshawa, Ont.

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