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Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

The article How fleets & O/Os plan to optimize tire costs in the Did you know? section in a recent issue was interesting because tires happen to be the third highest cost of operating any fleet, whether it is a fleet of one truck or 1,000 trucks. The top two costs are the driver and fuel, followed closely by tires.

We can’t do anything about the cost of the driver, and the same goes for the cost of fuel, but when it comes to tires, by using retreads – whether you have your own tires retreaded or if you trade your retreadable tires in for those already retreaded – you can cut your tire costs in half and sometimes even more than half. We are talking about serious money and this saving can be made without sacrificing safety, performance or handling.

For those readers who still have concerns about retreads, it is important to know that today’s retreads produced in top quality retread plants (the only kind you should deal with) have a failure rate actually lower than the best comparable new tires. Thanks to new technology in non-destructive testing methods and advances in rubber chemistry, a top quality retreaded tire will perform as well as the best new tire at a far lower cost.

Unless you are trucking for a hobby, the time has come to have a serious look at retreads the next time you need tires. If you do you will save a ton of money and you will never go back to using new tires.

Don’t take my word for any of the above. Let us send you a packet of good information along with a DVD titled Reputable Retreading, with our compliments. We can also arrange for you to visit a modern retread plant in your area and we promise you will come away amazed at how advanced the retread process is. We have members throughout Canada and they will welcome your visit. We guarantee you will come away as a believer if you take the tour, and if you don’t just let us know and we will send a donation to your favourite charity. No questions asked!

If you want to have us send our packet and/or if you want to have us arrange for a tour contact us by telephone to 831-646-5269 or send an e-mail to Finally, if you just want to ask questions about retreads just call me anytime at the above number or on my cell phone 831-917-6449. 

I love to talk to truckers. I also drive the talk and even though I don’t drive a big truck I do drive on retreads on all wheel positions in my personal car and have been doing so for nearly 40 years. 

Harvey Brodsky
Managing director
Retread Tire Association

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