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Dear Editor:...

Dear Editor:

With the looming election just around the corner, it’s my hope that every trucker and industry representative takes the time to cast their vote.

As an owner/operator, I’m frustrated to no end, seeing the new trucks with two new snowmobiles on the back and the holiday trailers/motorhomes racing down the highways for a weekend out of the city, paying the same prices for fuel that I am.

Granted that we all deserve to have what we’ve earned.

However, I can’t.

I have to spend more time on the road and away from my family to make up the difference in the cost/profit margin to pay for fuel, tires, and maintenance related to the oil industry’s and government’s lack of infrastructure maintenance.

(The money goes to where the vote comes from and there’s no votes out in the middle of nowhere).

I’m frustrated at the fact that CN and CP get taxpayers’ dollars to upgrade their services and sponsor lobby groups against the trucking industry (and what are they paying for a litre of fuel?)

And I’m frustrated by the fact that the agricultural industry gets to pay lower fuel prices for producing our food supply and yet I have to get it to market for them.

Mostly, I’m frustrated by the government’s lack of recognition for my “chosen” industry and total disregard for the issues that affect our quality of life out here.

But hell, smile.

I’m thinking times are good right now!

Dan Hearty

Via e-mail

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