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Government should stay out of trucking

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I just read the online article written by Carl Cave (Web Exclusive,

Very good.

It is about time that we got the government and the private sector out of the trucking industry and let the industry govern itself.

The trucking industry should be making the rules for the hours-of-service, etc.

Ontario is trying to put a speed limit in force for commercial vehicles and now I hear that Quebec is doing the same.

I guess that about 80% of the trucks on the road today follow a company speed limit.

I travel from Creston, B. C. to Edmonton, Alta. every week.

I usually do three trips a week.

The last couple of weeks I have set the cruise at the speed limit from Fort Macleod to Edmonton and out of the six trips there were only a couple of trucks that passed me. I lost count of the number of cars that went by me.

If they want to limit the speed of trucks then they had better take a look at the cars as well.

All the limiters will do is take trucking back 20 years.

No doubt there will be a lot more rear-end accidents with cars running into the back of trucks as they talk on their cells phones or apply their make-up.

Wayne Long Via e-mail

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