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In favour of mandatory speed limiters

Dear Editor:...

Dear Editor:

I read your article in the April edition of Truck News about the OTA’s speed limiter proposal.

I totally agree with the 105 km/h limit. I teach diesel engine overhaul, fuel injection, and electronics at Lethbridge Community College in the H.E.T. apprenticeship program. When the proposal first surfaced I watched with amusement when everybody was crying about the cost of installing limiters.

This showed how little people knew about the product going up and down our highways. Every diesel since 1988, and 1986 for Detroit Diesel, has a customer programmable parameter for max vehicle speed which can be re-programmed with a laptop or handheld DDR in a matter of a couple of minutes. Progressive fleets like Economy Carriers understand the difference in tire life between 50 and 70 mph and the difference in fuel mileage and the difference in insurance premiums.

In the last few years there has been a drastic shortage of drivers and unfortunately we have a whole new breed of drivers with two weeks training from Joe Blow’s driving school.

Here in Alberta, these guys run B trains at 140 km/h, pass on double solid lines no matter who is coming, pass on hills and when there is an accident at these speeds the carnage is massive. My dad drove for a living all his life and like many professional drivers, the only governor he needed was common sense. Many old drivers needed to run downhill at 80 mph to make the next hill because they only had 225 hp, but now trucks have 1,850-2,050 lb.-ft. of torque and 500-650 hp and they don’t need a run at hills.

The 105 km/h limit will save fuel, tires, greenhouse gases, and lives. Thanks for listening. I wrote the highways minister with my concerns but never did hear back, because I think that the O/Os in Alberta have the government’s ear.

Roy McMurren

Lethbridge, Alta.

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