I spent a little time yesterday on a call with Mack Trucks execs, who were launching a new service with Telogis that provides a full suite of fleet management tools using the truck’s existing telematics system. An extension of GuardDog Connect, Mack Fleet Management derives data from the truck’s existing on-board computers then sends it to Telogis, which has the expertise to convert the data into actionable, dashboard-style information for fleet managers.

Meanwhile, drivers can use an app on their smartphone or tablet for navigation, hours-of-service logging, pre-trip inspection reports and other features. A neat navigation feature is crowd-sourcing, which allows 140,000 commercial drivers using the Telogis network to share information on things such as traffic jams and road closures, so drivers can adjust their routes accordingly.

Basically, Mack Fleet Management does everything a traditional on-board computer from Qualcomm or PeopleNet can do, without the need for any hardware, executives said. A lengthy discussion can be held debating the merits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)-type telematics platforms versus traditional models requiring an in-cab computer. I explored this topic some time ago in this article. If you’re comfortable with a BYOD platform, then this new offering from Mack seems like a great way to get all the fleet management tools you need without the added complexities of installing and managing hardwired in-cab devices. More details here.

James Menzies

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