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New lubricant spec’ unveiled

TAMPA, Fla. - Roadranger has developed a new specification for lubricants used in Fuller transmissions and Dana Spicer axles. The new spec' must be met to meet Roadranger's criteria for extended drain...

TAMPA, Fla. – Roadranger has developed a new specification for lubricants used in Fuller transmissions and Dana Spicer axles. The new spec’ must be met to meet Roadranger’s criteria for extended drain intervals and extended warranties.

It’s the first new specification introduced by Dana or Eaton since 1996.

Roadranger’s Rick Muth, manager of lubricants, said the change was necessary because torque and horsepower have increased since ’96, as well as drivetrain temperatures and the design of components.

He also said there’s now an increased demand for gear and bearing protection.

In addition, there have been recent improvements to the base stock of lubricants that were not well-utilized by the industry since they weren’t accepted under the current specification, Muth admits.

New specifications are en-route for both transmissions and drive axles.

The new transmission spec’ is called PS164 REV7 and the new axle spec’ is SHAES 256 REV C. The deadline for compliance with the transmission spec’ is Apr. 1, 2006 while the deadline for compliance with the axle spec’ will be exactly a year later – Apr. 1, 2007.

“Commercial vehicles have advanced in recent years, specifically in the areas of engine horsepower, torque, GCW and road speed,” said Muth. “Recognizing these changes and others, we determined that there was a real need to raise the bar in terms of providing enhanced transmission and axle protection.

The new specifications will also go a long way in continuing to provide all of our customers with the consistent, reliable performance that they have come to expect from our entire lineup of drivetrain systems.”

The new specification requires lubes to demonstrate enhanced performance in the categories of: high and low temperature operation; gear scoring resistance; kinematic viscosity; and storage durability and compatibility with other lubricants and water.

Suppliers must now meet new benchmark and field test standards before they become Roadranger-approved.

“We understand what it takes to make our products run for extended life,” says Muth, adding engine temperatures are climbing and will likely increase further in 2007.

Eaton and Dana are encouraging their customers to use up their inventory before switching to the new standard.

Equipment that’s currently in use will continue to be covered by warranty if it’s filled with current lubes. But Muth says truck owners should switch to the new spec’ as soon as it’s feasible.

Both, transmission and axle lubricant suppliers are in various stages of testing the new standard. There are currently three suppliers of transmission lubricants approved by Dana and Eaton, and four suppliers of axle lubes. It’s expected that all will comply with the new standard.

“Failure to qualify will result in removal from the approved supplier list and they will no longer qualify for extended drain and extended warranty (approvals),” says Muth.

To comply, transmission lubricant companies must prove their products over a 100,000 mile field test (new suppliers must complete a 275,000 mile field test).

Meanwhile, axle lubricant companies will have to pass a 0-100,000 mile test for existing suppliers and 500,000 miles for new suppliers.

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