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AirIQ launches solution to protect perishable goodsAirIQ Inc., a wireless application service provider specializing in telematics, has launched a solution designed to protect high value goods in refri...

AirIQ launches solution to protect perishable goods

AirIQ Inc., a wireless application service provider specializing in telematics, has launched a solution designed to protect high value goods in refrigerated and heated trailers.

The solution allows fleet managers to take immediate action to protect perishable goods in the event of a fault in a refrigerated trailer’s operation.

The new AirIQ service reports a fault the moment it is detected by the reefer’s self-diagnostic unit, and is an addition to AirIQ’s other tracking and locating services.

“This announcement completes our strategy of providing a single source application for fleet managers within the commercial transport industry,” said Don Simmonds, AirIQ President and CEO.

Refrigerated trailers represent 15 percent of all trailers in North America. The average reefer costs $70,000, compared to an average cost of $20,000 for a dry van trailer and $40,000 for a heated trailer.

“Avoiding the cost and operational difficulties resulting from spoiled goods is a tremendous value proposition for any commercial transport organization, not to mention the value of always knowing where their assets are located,” said Miguel Gonsalves, vice-president of AirIQ’s Commercial Transport Division. “Refrigerated and heated trailers carry perishable, temperature-sensitive goods that are often of higher value and greater risk than goods carried in dry van trailers. This product will allow our clients to deliver quality goods to their customers consistently.”

Three major Canadian commercial transport carriers — Canada Cartage, Beacon Transit Lines and Cam-Scott Transport — are using AirIQ to protect and manage their tractors, straight-trucks and dry van trailers and are equipping their heated and refrigerated fleets with the new AirIQ product.

LeaseTrading to handle transfer of vehicle and equipment leases

LeaseTrading says it has introduced the first and only full-service, independent marketplace for the transfer of commercial vehicle and equipment leases.

Serving North America, the LeaseTrading marketplace, located at, facilitates the transfer of leases for trucks and construction equipment.

Using its proprietary technology, LeaseTrading says it will manage all aspects of the transfer process from initial listing of assets to exchange negotiation and contact with credit institutions and, finally, to logistics arrangements and asset delivery.

“The ability to transfer a lease can mean the difference between bankruptcy and viability for a business or individual and the difference between a performing and a non-performing asset for a leasing company,” says Michael D. Penfield, founder and CEO of LeaseTrading. “Especially in the competitive trucking industry, fleets, owners and operators can take advantage of this credible alternative to the dilemma of expensive termination of penalties and potential bankruptcies.”

Oracle solution streamlines entire procurement process

E-business software provider Oracle Corp. has introduced Procure-to-Pay in 30 Days, solutions designed to streamline the entire procurement process in 30 days or less.

Procure-to-Pay in 30 Days encompasses the full range of purchasing activities, including pre-sourced catalogs, requisitioning, purchasing, invoicing, receiving, payments, electronic banking, automatic cash reconciliation and reporting.

With Procure-to-Pay in 30 Days, Oracle has automated the entire purchasing process for all enterprises from contract negotiation to requisitioning, payments and cash reconciliation.

Additionally, Procure-to-Pay in 30 Days will be pre-connected to payment service providers so buyers can make online payments to suppliers.

Procure-to-Pay in 30 Days is available as an online service through

Link Logistics acquired by US-based Transcore

Canada’s largest freight matching service, Mississauga-headquartered Link Logistics, has been acquired by U.S.-based TransCore in a deal both companies say creates the single largest Internet freight exchange in the continent.

Link will now work side-by-side with DAT Services, which was previously gobbled-up by the growing TransCore. With Link customers offering about 30,000 loads and trucks on a daily basis, the new total across North America will be pushed to approximately 110,000 loads and trucks.

The deal coincides with the culmination of a three-year arrangement in which DAT Services and Link Logistics collaborated to provide cross-border freight information when they were independently owned companies.

Transcore plans to integrate Link Logistics into its portfolio of supply chain management services, positioning the combined Link and DAT Services Internet freight exchange capabilities alongside their wireless asset tracking technology and fleet management services.

Rick Court, Link Logistics’ president, will now report to Marc Cameron, TransCore’s Commercial Services Group CEO. Link Logistics staff will remain based in Ontario.

“The trucking industry transports $30 million (US) in goods every hour between the US and Canada alone. Improving asset utilization, reducing back-office inefficiencies and streamlining processes is crucial,” said John Worthington, TransCore CEO. “Industries that feel the ongoing and immediate impact of NAFTA and the Summit of the Americas will demand services that make international trade more feasible and efficient.”

Worthington added that he believes the acquisition will ease the workload for intermediaries, carriers and their customers on both sides of the border.

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