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O/O, dispatcher training programs green-lighted

OTTAWA, Ont. - The Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (CTHRC) has three new bullets in its training gun with the launch of a trio of e-learning programs.With content written by the trucking ind...

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (CTHRC) has three new bullets in its training gun with the launch of a trio of e-learning programs.

With content written by the trucking industry to specifically meet the needs of its own, Business Skills Improvement for Owner/Operators and two dispatcher courses – Interpersonal Skills Improvement and Professional Skills Improvement – have been developed in partnership with Training Alternatives Inc. (TAI).

“We are tremendously pleased to be able to offer these innovative training opportunities,” says Roy Craigen, chairman of the CTHRC’s board of directors. “They fill a need long recognized by the industry, and their content reflects input from experienced trucking specialists. We’re confident that people will find the training useful and relevant to their daily challenges.”

The national group credits steering committee members (Lane Kranenburg, formerly of the Alberta Motor Transport Association; Betsy Sharples, Ontario Trucking Association; Therese Boisclair, Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators; Paul Lajoie, Canadian American Transportation; Glenn Caldwell, National Truck League; Jim McKay, Praxair Canada; and Bob Forster, York Transportation) with establishing the foundation for the endeavor.

McKay says the working groups spent the initial stages brainstorming on what the programs should look like and how they should be packaged.

“When all of us put our ideas together, we came up with some really good content,” he adds.

On the O/O side of development, the material was largely based around the existing CTHRC Business Skills Guide. However, the new version – in addition to being modernized and improved – offers a definite advantage sure to attract more participants.

“The problem with the paper course,” says Caldwell, “it was a struggle getting the guy off the road or the spouse to come in (to take the training).”

But thanks to the e-version, would-be students can take advantage of flex training – regardless of where they happen to be located at the time.

Richard Ross, of TAI, helped bring the programs together as designed by the working groups. He says the power of the Internet combined with a design built for ease of use, are sure to make the courses hits among the trucking industry.

“The broad course is divided into modules, so that the individual can learn in manageable chunks,” he explains. “TAI’s intelligent training system means you can start up where you left off.”

Quizzes with feedback at the end of each unit allow the trainee to ensure they understand the material.

“By continuing their learning over time, the O/O can efficiently complete a comprehensive learning experience,” adds Ross. “We talk about where companies can find a competitive advantage. Damn it, it’s here.”

CTHRC certification is the reward awaiting successful completion of any one of the programs, which maybe part of the motivation behind those who instantly fell in love with the programs.

Several key companies came together to sponsor the development of the programs, including Freightliner and Truck News, which also helped in the development of the content for the O/O course.

“We really relished the opportunity to take part in this worthwhile cause,” says Truck News publisher Rob Wilkins.

“As margins continue to thin for Canada’s O/Os, training like this can help small business owners not only stay afloat, but become roaring successes.”

The help of the sponsors did not go unnoticed by the steering committee either.

“We had competitors … coming together for the good of the industry,” exclaims Caldwell. His firm also happened to be a sponsor.

Purchased through the CTHRC, the O/O course will be available in August at a cost of $195. Dispatcher Interpersonal Skills Improvement is out now at a cost of $150.

The second dispatcher course is expected to hit the street in September also priced at $150.

Truck News will be distributing a number of the course CDs, but details on this – including any costs involved – are still in the works.

What’s included in Business Skills Improvement for Owner/Operators?

Negotiating contracts

Spec’ing, selecting and financing vehicles

Setting up records and managing information

Doing monthly and year-end reports

Using data to improve your operation

Hiring and paying a driver

Complying with regulations

Balancing work and family needs

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