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Please give new drivers a chance

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

In regards to the ‘driver shortage,’ the companies are bringing it upon themselves. There are drivers out there looking for a chance, like myself. But, upon contacting the recruiters, I get told, ‘You need at least one year of experience.’

Hmm, seems to me that if they would put a little time into green drivers, then after three months probation, they would have their drivers. No one wants to put any time into new drivers, they all just want to complain about a “shortage” of drivers.

What’s wrong with this picture? Is it the fault of the new drivers that companies just won’t run them? I understand many new drivers are also new to driving altogether. There are those of us who have driven over a million kilometres in a past career. We are not ‘new’ to driving.

It doesn’t mean I have no driving skills. Sure, I may not know the procedure to cross the US border in a big rig, or the procedures at shippers and receivers. Isn’t that what driver-trainers are for? I know for a fact if I had two weeks with a driver-trainer at any of these companies, I would prove my skills and abilities to be hired. All in all, the driver shortage isn’t really that. It’s a lack of companies willing to take the new drivers under their wing and show them the ropes.

Sean Jaatinen Via e-mail

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