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Saving the best for last

EDMONTON, Alta. - A record-breaking crowd of more than 200 attended the Alberta Trucking Industry Safety Association's (ATISA) annual Truck Safety Conference.Next year, the event will run under the le...

EDMONTON, Alta. – A record-breaking crowd of more than 200 attended the Alberta Trucking Industry Safety Association’s (ATISA) annual Truck Safety Conference.

Next year, the event will run under the leadership of the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), which is a product of ATISA’s recent amalgamation with the Alberta Trucking Association.

People came from all over Alberta, as well as neighboring Saskatchewan and B.C. to hear from a variety of presenters, including Dan Baker, an expert and consultant in the area of driver retention.

Baker has 15 years of experience as a facilitator, trainer and consultant in the trucking industry, and his interactive seminar was a hit with the audience.

Lane Kranenburg, general manager of ATISA (and executive director of the AMTA), was thrilled with the response the convention received. “I think one of the things people walked away with was a better attitude,” he says. “We had people smiling.”

Although the audience was the biggest in the convention’s history, Kranenburg hopes the event will continue to grow in upcoming years under the AMTA’s leadership.

“I think the word will get out after this particular session that we’re putting on a pretty good show,” says Kranenburg.

“The comments that I’ve heard from people after both sessions is that this was the best ever.”

Pat Holubowich, terminal manager with Allied Systems, was one of many truck industry officials who enjoyed the convention.

“It has been very informative,” says Holubowich. “The speakers have been very knowledgeable and I know the information we’re obtaining will be put to good use in the workplace.”

A wide range of truck industry representatives attended the ATISA Truck Safety Conference, including fleet owners, safety supervisors and mid-management personnel.

In addition to Baker’s management training seminar, a variety of topics were covered.

On Feb. 22, Ron Diachuk, labor relations officer with Human Resources Development Canada, was on hand to discuss changes to federal labor laws.

Lawyer Dan Carroll of Field Atkinson Perraton Barristers and Solicitors made a detailed presentation about due diligence and how it applies to the trucking industry. Carroll’s seminar revealed important information concerning the legal responsibilities of employers.

Later, Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board representative, Cathy Hughston, made a presentation regarding the Partners in Injury Reduction 2000 program.

The day wrapped up with a presentation by Brian Payne, supervisor of fleet safety for the City of Edmonton. His Driving for Success seminar outlined ways to improve fleet efficiency and safety through various technological methods.

Among other things, Payne demonstrated how fleets can save money through driver training and vehicle monitoring devices.

“Next year, the safety convention returns to Calgary,” where Kranenburg hopes to build on this year’s success. n

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