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Some pointers on pardons

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

I would like to clarify a few points Daniel Joyce made in his column about Canadian pardons last issue:

* Not all pardons “seal” a criminal record. If your pardoned criminal offence was sexual, this information can be disclosed (example: you might be on the register of sexual offenders).

* A pardon can be automatically revoked under certain circumstances (example: you are convicted of a new offence)

* A Canada-wide search of your official record can only be done by using a completed fingerprint form (Form C-216)

* It is my opinion that our Canadian database of criminal records is shared with other countries (example: the USA) and agree with Mr. Joyce that a prior conviction or a Canadian pardon should not be denied to a CBP officer.

Finally, having a record offers distinct Canadian disadvantages and can interfere with lifestyle choices and travel arrangements.

Plan ahead. Know with certainty what records exist under your name. Use a Form C-216 and order your official record. Also, as an aside, Canadians entering the U.S. with or without a waiver should consider having a current Canadian passport.

Paulette Gauthier-Roy

Pardon Inc.

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