Special Report: Excerpts from “Asleep at the Wheel” that pose ethical problems according to Bob Rupert:

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The first line from an article “How Irving Fueled Highway Fatigue” on page A1, June 25 reads “Irving Oil’s truckers were tired.”

“Truckers are so maligned by this,” says Rupert. “This is a generalization that is defamatory.

This is an organization that employs hundreds of drivers (over a thousand, actually). If I were one of them I’d take a look at a class action. What about my reputation in the community?”

From June 16, “Randall Lee Kelly had been dozing off…” is unattributed. “There is no other mention of this in the article and this kind of thing should have attribution.”

From June 24, From an article entitled, “The hardest thing is to continue to live,” on page A10-11. The story surrounds the concerns Michel Lacombe who is undergoing hypnotherapy and has been under the care of a psychiatrist. Ironically, Lacombe has been acquitted of the criminal negligence charges he faced resulting from a collision on June 22, 1995. “There is some indication in the article that he (Lacombe) is suicidal,” says Rupert. “In that case, he’s a vulnerable source. It’s an exploitation of grief.”

From June 16 on page A1, the header is, “Citizen investigation reveals alarming threat on our roads.” The story goes on to say, “…an industry wide boom … compounding chronic safety problems that should unsettle anyone who sees a tractor trailer approaching in the rear-view mirror.”

The implication is that the truck behind you could be a killer.

“This is fear-mongering and unnecessary,” says Rupert.

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