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Speed limiters a good idea, but better training needed

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

I just read the article about speed limiters the OTA wants to put on all trucks to even the playing field and to create a safer highway. That’s all well and fine except for the ignorance of our so-called professional drivers. Take, for example, Driver A, hauling a 10,000 lb. load and Driver B, hauling a 40,000 lb. load, both of them driving the same type of truck. When the two of them come to a hill, Driver A will try to pass Driver B, but when they’re going down hill Driver B will try to pass Driver A. On flat ground our two professionals will battle it out for miles, blocking the whole road.

Speed limiters are a good idea but so are better-trained drivers. I have driven with an OTA member company for 30 years and the drivers coming out of these so-called driver schools are appalling and getting worse. No one teaches driver etiquette. So drivers, smarten up or the government will smarten you up with tougher driving rules for big trucks. Then no one wins. n

John Anscombe

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