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Teamster tactics are off base

Dear Editor,I fully agree with John G. Smith's July 2000 editorial, "Teamsters plan is misguided".I'm a Teamster member and a trucker, and I disagree with Teamsters Canada's tactics and hype regarding...

Dear Editor,

I fully agree with John G. Smith’s July 2000 editorial, “Teamsters plan is misguided”.

I’m a Teamster member and a trucker, and I disagree with Teamsters Canada’s tactics and hype regarding trucker fatigue and hours of service. I also resent my union dues partially funding their hyped billboards, and their display of a smashed truck and auto, further fueling fear of the trucking industry.

Trucking faces too much propaganda and sensationalism from the likes of the media, the CRASH rail lobby and CAA.

Let’s face reality here. Current Ontario traffic facts (similar to those across Canada) clearly shows that tractor-trailers are involved in a mere six per cent of all fatalities. Seventy-five per cent of all truck-car crashes are caused by other motorists.

Motorist fatigue has also caused numerous fatalities, including accidents along Ontario Hwy. 401’s infamous stretch from London to Windsor. They can drive/work endlessly — and legally — while truckers are limited in the hours they can work.

Few fatalities are directly caused by trucker fatigue. The vast majority of traffic violations, crashes and fatalities don’t even involve trucks.

Perhaps cars should have black boxes (proposed for trucks by the Teamsters). Some trucking companies already have tachographs.

Why is there no concern for the thousands of motorist-created fatalities, unsafe cars and motorist fatigue? Hypocrites unfairly want laws and bans for trucks and not cars. But safety is for all road users.

Don Bell

Mississauga, Ont.

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