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The answer’s here, not in Europe

Dear Editor:...

Dear Editor:

I was reading your coverage of the issue regarding the OTA’s recommendation of speed limiters and was wondering why (OTA president) Mr. David Bradley and all his paying friends would need to go to Europe to find a solution to our trucking industry problems.

Instead of flying over the problem, just get in an unmarked vehicle on Hwy. 401 and drive. They will find all the answers there.

The OTA members say they want to be on a level playing field. I, too would love to be on a level playing field, where I get cut rates on my truck, trailer, tires, maintenance and last but not least my fuel.

I’m not even close to being on a level playing field but I manage to make ends meet.

The problem in the trucking industry is not speed, but driver training.

We have graduated licensing for cars, why should trucking be different?

The large companies mentioned in the article do not spend enough time or money on training. They just want bodies to fill the trucks that are sitting in their yards collecting dust.

Just have them come into the real world and sit where I sit and see what I see day after day on the roads that our taxes have built. There is no need for any trip to Europe.

Lynn King

Nesbitt Trucking

Putnam, Ontario

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