Let’s file this one into the ‘I’ll Believe It When I See It’ file. Not that I don’t trust ATDynamics, who at TMC announced that they believe Ontario will be the first province to allow full-sized trailer tails as early as next month. But if I was holding my breath I’d be dead by now. For those who’ve been following, the feds modified legislation that allows for the use of the proven fuel-saving devices in Canada, but now it’s up to every province to do likewise. Ontario, ATDynamics hopes, will be the first to do so within weeks.

Trailer tails are one of those technologies that plainly work; I’ve yet to hear of any fleet customer say otherwise. They can provide up to 5% fuel savings. At TMC, ATDynamics announced it’s on pace to deliver 200,000 tails by 2017. It will sell 50,000 this year alone. If there’s any advantage to Canada’s reticence to allow the devices, it’s that costs have come down as production volumes have increased. They’re a more economical fuel-saver today than they were in the past. In the US, 350 carriers are using them, 65 across their entire trailer fleets.

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