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Transport Canada announces recalls

OTTAWA, Ont. - The following are among the most recent vehicle recalls issued by Transport Canada:Manufacturer: RennManufacturingVehicles: 1996-2000 Renn gravel pup trailerNo. vehicles: 92Cracks can o...

OTTAWA, Ont. – The following are among the most recent vehicle recalls issued by Transport Canada:

Manufacturer: Renn


Vehicles: 1996-2000 Renn gravel pup trailer

No. vehicles: 92

Cracks can occur in the frame rails and cross members near the gussets. The cracks, however, aren’t visible to the naked eye and can lead to a complete failure of the frame rails if they aren’t addressed. Frame rails and cross members will undergo magnetic particle inspections and cracks will be repaired as required.

Manufacturer: Hino

Vehicles: 1999-2001 Hino FD2J, FE2J, FF2J

No. vehicles: 403

A programming error in the ABS electronic control module could lead to an improper reading of wheel revolutions when the truck is cornering on a rough road surface at a slow speed. That could cause the ABS to engage when it isn’t needed, lengthening stopping distances. The ABS computer modules will be replaced.

Manufacturer: Freightliner, Sterling, Thomas Built

Vehicles: 1997-2000 Freightliner Century Class, FLD, Columbia, Argosy, FS-65 school bus, Business Class, FLS 112; Sterling A line; Thomas Built ER Transit Bus, MPV-EF, and MPV-ER.

No. vehicles: Undetermined

The electronic control unit on the Bendix ABS can misinterpret certain signals from wheel ends, resulting in the temporary loss of braking capability on one or more wheel positions for several seconds. The response comes from an ABS cable that has chafed through the insulation and contacted a rotating part or a misaligned tone ring that has been damaged by contacting other components. The ECU will be replaced with a new unit with upgraded software capable of detecting and properly responding to erroneous signals.

Manufacturer: Sterling

Vehicle: 2000 Sterling Acterra

No. vehicles: Undetermined

This recall involves trucks equipped with ArvinMeritor front axle assemblies. The front-axle wheel-bearing-nut adjustment and retention assembly can restrict the complete fill of lubrication when it’s assembled, or shear the spindle nut pack washer’s locking tab when it’s tightened. If the washer tab is sheared, tightening the outer spindle nut can put an excessive preload on the bearings, leading to a premature bearing failure. Front axles will be fitted with a redesigned, bendable lock washer to help the lubrication fill, a redesigned perforated washer that will not shear when the spindle nuts are tightened, new bearings and seals.

Manufacturer: Freightliner

Vehicle: 1997 Freightliner FLN

No. vehicles: 49

This recall involves trucks equipped with Haldex parking brake valves. The double-check valve incorporated into the manifold dash valve can, over time, become brittle and crack. The crack won’t allow the double-check valve to protect the primary or secondary system pressures in the event of a failure in one of the two circuits. That can lead to a loss of service brakes when there is another failure in the system. The brake valve will be removed and replaced.

Manufacturer: Freightliner

Vehicle: 2000 Freightliner Business Class; 2000 FCCC MB55 shuttle bus, XLS motor coach, FD65 bus, MT-45 step vans; 2000 Sterling Acterra

No. vehicles: Undetermined.

Trucks equipped with Allison 1000 or 2400 series of transmissions are affected by this recall. The Park pawl may not engage because of an out-of-flat condition, meaning that the vehicle could start moving when you think you’re in Park. The defective Park pawl will be replaced.

Manufacturer: Sterling

Vehicles: 1999-2000 models

No. vehicles: 3,120

The upper steering column’s pinch bolt may not have been properly torqued and could fall out, leading to a loss of steering control. The bolts will be inspected and retorqued if necessary.

Manufacturer: Peterbilt

Vehicle: 2000 Peterbilt 387-120

No. vehicles: 2

The side fairing hinge bar and mounts on these trucks can detach from the fuel tank straps. But the hinge bar has brackets that could crack. Once detached, the hinge bar can rotate and separate from the fairing, allowing it to fall from the vehicle. A plate will be added behind the skirt bracket to eliminate the threat of cracks. If the bracket is cracked, the fuel tank strap will be replaced with a new strap and bracket assembly.

Manufacturer: Freightliner

Vehicles: 2000 Freightliner FLD, Freightliner Business Class, Sterling trucks

No. vehicles: 359

The mounting-ring-butt welds on Accuride 22.5×8.25 15-degree tubeless one-piece demountable rims can crack under severe loading or environmental conditions. The crack can then progress through the mounting ring and affect the attachment of the demountable rim to the spoke wheel. Accuride will replace the affected rims.

Manufacturer: Caterpillar

Engines: 1999 Caterpillar 3406E, C-10 and C-12

No. Engines: 158

This defect affects vehicles equipped with Eaton AutoShift transmissions and the Auto Retarder used in the cruise option. If a driver initiates a downshift when the cruise control is being used and the Auto Retarder in Cruise is on, the retarder can stall the engine when the transmission shifts into neutral. This is solved by reprogramming the engine’s Electronic Control Module. n

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