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Undesirables unwelcome

Dear Editor,I recently the story, "Immigration Canada says no to border scanners," which was published on Mar. 3.This is a total travesty.Who the hell cares about a citizen's rights when...

Dear Editor,

I recently the story, “Immigration Canada says no to border scanners,” which was published on Mar. 3.

This is a total travesty.

Who the hell cares about a citizen’s rights when it come to checking for undesirable people entering this country? We have enough undesirable people in this country as it is.

Good Lord, we have to get rid of people, like (Immigration Minister) Elinor Caplan, with their bleeding-heart liberal ideas that are destroying this once proud country.

This was supposed to be a joint venture between the U.S. and Canada that would have worked well to benefit both countries.

But no, Caplan has to throw her oar into the already muddy water, and screw it up.

Instead of taking a tough stand on this issue, she wimps out.

Paul Paton

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