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Volvo first truck maker to release own satellite system

Volvo Trucks became the first truckmaker to introduce a fully-integrated truck communications system with the launch of Volvo Link at the Mid-America Trucking Show.The new system provides drivers with...

Volvo Trucks became the first truckmaker to introduce a fully-integrated truck communications system with the launch of Volvo Link at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The new system provides drivers with the ability to communicate with dispatchers and family while on the road, at a cost comparable to cellular technology.

In addition to providing two-way messaging for the driver, the system is also capable of vehicle tracking.

QUALCOMM rolls out FleetAdvisor to address private fleet needs

QUALCOMM Inc., the mobile communications provider represented in Canada by Cancom, has launched FleetAdvisor, which has been converted to the Windows CE platform.

FleetAdvisor is a transportation logistics management system comprised of on-board computing, vehicle tracking, back-office software and real-time wireless communications.

With the FleetAdvisor system, QUALCOMM offers applications demanded by private fleets including paperless driver logs, mileage reporting and route management.

The FleetAdvisor system consists of QUALCOMM”s MVPc in-vehicle computer, OmniTRACS or OmniExpress mobile communications system, on-board software,and host-based software.

The FleetAdvisor system runs on the MVPc in-vehicle computer using the Windows CE operating system. When combined with OmniTRACS or OmniExpress, it enables private fleets to automate, integrate and improve business processes by relaying information real time through QUALCOMM.

New TruckStops software adds charts, one-step data imports

TruckStops Routing and Scheduling Software version 2.7 contains new resource utilization Gantt Charts, the standard format for displaying a schedule graphically, using horizontal bars to represent the sequences, timing, and time span for each routing activity.

The Gantt Charts graphically illustrate when each vehicle is traveling or idle, when a stop is being serviced, and when orders are being loaded or unloaded. Gantt features also include editing capabilities, such as re-scheduling stops and modifying route plans.

“TruckStops’ Gantt Charts give users a visual schedule of how each vehicle is being utilized during their routes, and provides an easy way to look at how routes compare to one another,” said Mike Hooban, president of MicroAnalytics.

Other key features added to TruckStops version 2.7 streamline the process of importing data into the system.

McLeod Software and TMI announce interface agreement

McLeod Software has announced an interface agreement with TMI, the parent company of TripPak EXPRESS and TripPak ONLINE document management services. The initiative provides several types of integration with McLeod.

The integration allows TMI customers who use their TripPak ONLINE Enterprise Solution to interface directly with McLeod’s LoadMaster dispatch and accounting software. In addition, McLeod customers who use its LoadMaster Document Imaging and WorkFlow products can now use the TripPak SCANNING overnight image capture service.

Biometric ID part of Kenworth concept truck

For the fourth consecutive year Kenworth came to the Mid-America Trucking Show with its view of the future. Its latest high-tech concept vehicle focuses on security, safety and productivity.

“In today’s world, it’s even more imperative for truck manufacturers to push the envelope by providing truck fleets with effective security and safety technology.” said Ed Caudill,Kenworth General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “This new Kenworth T800 High-Tech Truck is really a technological marvel.It features technologies that could be part of a secret agent’s repertoire – biometric authentication, GPS-based telematics tracking systems, Surround Electronic Vision System, Kenworth Night Vision, and high-intensity discharge headlamps.”

The biometric authentication system checks a driver’s authorization to operate a specific truck within a fleet. When the driver’s fingerprint is identified by the truck’s computer it allows the driver to turn the engine on and operate the truck at normal traffic speeds. If the fingerprint doesn’t match, the vehicle can still be started but at much restricted horsepower, limiting operation to well below normal speeds. The fleet dispatcher also receives an alert message via wireless communication that an unauthorized user is involved.

Meanwhile, Kenworth’s GPS-based telematics tracking system allows fleet dispatchers to track the movement of the truck throughout North America. The dispatcher receives information on the driver’s identity, adherence to a predetermined and authorized route, vehicle weight, and other data.

The Kenworth Surround Electronic Vision System provides nearly 360-degrees of coverage around the tractor and trailer.The driver views a flat-panel display screen in the cab, mounted near the rearview mirror..

The concept tractor-trailer includes three cameras on the trailer, one rear view and two side-view. A curbside-view camera for enhanced blind-spot reduction is outside on the cab’s passenger side. The forward-looking Kenworth Night Vision, the fifth camera, can see 1,500 feet ahead, or about five times the distance covered by normal headlights.

The Kenworth Vehicle Information Center (VIC) provides the drivers with information on fuel economy, loads, service and maintenance. The driver can also check the truck’s current status through electronic tire pressure, electronic brake monitoring, and Air-Weigh’s on-board electronic scale system. All these systems are integrated between the Kenworth T800 and the Heil advanced concept trailer. VIC also offers two-way e-mail messaging over a wireless connection.

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