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Western provinces shouldn’t adopt federal HoS rules

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest and contempt, the articles about the CTA wanting the western provinces to adopt the hours-of- service regulations for intraprovincial trucking.

As I understand these rules only apply to carriers having a safety rating for intra-provincial operations, so why the concern from the CTA? I am tired of Eastern Canadian trucking companies pushing to change the industry to suit their wishes, if you do not like the rules in certain regions stay out! Our trucks do not go east of Manitoba in Canada!

I have a small 10-truck operation that runs Western Canada and all of the US so therefore a federal National Safety Code rating. I do not care if the intraprovincial carriers can run longer hours.

If the carriers that are federally- regulated can not compete, as the AMTA claims, start an intra-provincial company!

These associations represent the large carriers who want a level playing field for driver recruitment, but they would cry if we small carriers could buy fuel and tires at their cost.

Us little guys should start our own association with small carriers and owner/operators only with home bases in Alberta.

As for the threat by CTA to withhold federal transfer payments to rebel provinces, bring it on! Remember, Alberta sends more than it receives. •

Dean Graham

V. Graham and Sons Trucking Alix, Alta.

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