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AMTA encourages driver diligence after reports of fifth wheel pin tampering

CALGARY, Alta. – Following reports of fifth wheel pin tampering, the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is advising all transport drivers to ensure they follow regulations and company policy to properly inspect their equipment prior to getting back on the road.

The AMTA says there have been three separate incidents at different locations in Alberta where drivers have returned to their trucks after taking a break and discovered the fifth wheel pin had been tampered with.

The pin connects the tractor to the trailer and must be secured to make sure the two separate units do not separate while they are in motion, which could cause injury to the driver and others on the road, as well as damage to the fleet’s equipment.

The AMTA also asks all commercial drivers to report any suspicious activity to the RCMP, and if their rig has been tampered with, they are advised to not move the unit and contact the RCMP immediately.

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6 Comments » for AMTA encourages driver diligence after reports of fifth wheel pin tampering
  1. Greg says:

    IDIOTS have been pulling the 5th wheel on trucks other than their own for years either as a joke or to get even for something. Then they go sit back and laugh when the other driver drops a trailer.

    • Ian broadbent says:

      Don’t see how this can be a joke
      I’m in the habit of checking each time I leave the truck alone
      Dash cam is a must

  2. Ernie Luke says:

    This is not a joke but people do get upset at drivers an think its pay back by opening the 5th wheel.This can injure somebody or even kill somebody if a drive pulls out to leave an the trl. comes off it can slide over an pin the person or driver beside the unit next to him.Not a joke lady an gentlemen.If you catch the person or persons use them for a dolly pad. Remember one thing the trucking industry can shut the country down..????????

  3. Al says:

    I was taught to check the pin VISUALLY EVERYTIME when returning MY RIDE for SAFETY maybe they don’t teach that any more

  4. mike says:

    They did teach that at my school Al.

  5. Rick says:

    Here is something that you can do to prevent that. When parking, apply the trailer brake then tug forward with the tractor and then apply the tractor brake. No one can pull the pin then. Ty it for yourself and see how tight the pin is. BUT that is not to say that you shouldn’t check when you get back to the vehicle.

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