B.C. approves fabric alternative to tire chains

by Truck News

VANCOUVER, B.C. — AutoSock’s Alternative Traction Device (ATD), an alternative to tire chains, has been approved for use in B.C., according to the company.

AutoSock says its ATD has been granted provincial approval, following an amendment to the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act, which redefines “traction device” to include textile tire covers. The device can be used on Classes 3-8 trucks.

“We are pleased to see this amendment to the rules regarding traction devices in British Columbia,” said Bernt J. Rosli, CEO of AutoSock Operations AS. “Now, any truck or passenger vehicle can be fitted with AutoSock when traction devices are required by the province. For US and Canadian motor carriers that travel in British Columbia, this change in the Act means AutoSock can be used as a legal and cost effective traction device.”

The device can also be used in states that have no specific device exclusions when chain requirements are in effect, including Washington and Colorado.

“This is fantastic news for our US customers that travel into Canada,” said Chuck McGee, president of McGee Company, the US distributor for AutoSock. “The popularity of textile traction devices is rapidly increasing so it’s nice to see the regulations keeping up with the trend.”

The textile covers use fibers and a specially designed surface pattern to maximize friction on snow- and ice-covered roads by making the total contact area exposed to dry friction as large as possible. Installation takes less than five minutes per wheel and the devices, weighing just five pounds per pair, provide a total weight savings compared to chains. They can also be easily stored inside the cab or tool compartment, the company says.

For more information, see www.AutoSock.us.


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