Company reaches out to trucking industry to help rid epidemic of distracted driving

by Truck News

HALIFAX, N.S. – Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc. (KRST) is searching for partners in the trucking industry to help with a pilot project that aims at putting a stop to cellphone use while driving.

The project would include installing one or a pair of devices developed by KRST in a vehicle, which would monitor how and when drivers use their mobile devices while operating their truck.

The first device, CellAware, which KRST describes as the first of its kind, would be installed in a company-owned vehicle, resulting in the collection of data on an ongoing basis and would then be analysed by a group of data scientist to determine what measures could be implemented or changed to make roads a safer place.

KRST says the results of this data analysis would then be presented to lawmakers and insurance companies to help end the distracted driving epidemic that brings about several traffic deaths every year.

The CellAware device allows companies to receive accurate, real-time information on whether their drivers are using their cellphones while on the road.

A second device, called KRSTI, can also be installed in a company vehicle, and monitors all activity on the driver’s cellphone, delaying all calls and text messages until the driver has turned the engine off on their vehicle.

KRST says each of the devices can provide information on a variety of areas, including miles driven, fuel consumption, location, incident-free distance travelled, tampering, attempted incoming/outgoing calls, as well as text messaging.

The Halifax-based company plans to make a maximum of 5,000 units throughout North America, and while there is no charge for companies to participate in the pilot project, KRST does look for certain qualifications.

The project will kick off this coming January, and companies looking to participate are encouraged to contact KRST at 1-844-993-4357.

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