Federally regulated trucking companies not required to mandate vaccinations

by Today's Trucking

The federal government’s announcement requiring mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for federal workers will not apply to federally regulated trucking companies, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) confirmed.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra made the announcement Friday afternoon, saying federal public service employees will need to be vaccinated as early as the end of September.

Covid-19 vaccine
(Illustration: istock)

Vaccinations will also be required for those working in the federally regulated transportation sectors of air, rail and marine, as well as all commercial air passengers.

But federally regulated trucking companies will not be required to mandate vaccinations, though the government is “strongly encouraging” employers to continuously urge vaccination within their workforces, the CTA says.

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  • Yes some trucking companies are federal regulated if you run across Canada or US you are under federal regulations where have you been Mr. Smith the federal regulated trucking companies must have Elogs We are under different regulations than provincial relations when it comes to being federal related thank you

    • Again , federally regulated is totally separate from being a federal employee. My paycheque does not come from the government.

      • Seems you clearly didn’t even read the announcement that you’re now arguing and criticising others for not understanding. The announcement was forced vaccination for federal employees and employees in federally regulated industries which include trucking, only this article states that it won’t be forced on truckers for unexplained reasons.

        • Well, they did specify what sectors from the transportation industry are included in the mandate! Rail, air, cruise! They never said all the federal employees are mandated! There are tens of sectors under the federal jurisdiction! Besides, I think that as soon as we are mandated all the trucking companies will receive an official note about it

  • All truck drivers who cross border or into other parts of Canada should have to be vaccinated. In return we should have minimum wage rates for those drivers who get vaccinated against covid.

    • Iam truck driver and no want vaccine in any case. If OK why must signature form to recive on your own risk?

  • I deliver food to federal prisons , I work from a mom and pops trucking company 15 employees will we have to get mandated because we drive on federal grounds?

  • I’m a car hauler I cross into Michigan on a nightly route . I am not vaccinated due to the fact I have natural immunity from having covid a year ago. I have no plans on getting the jab my employer hasn’t posted anything or said anything on this matter . will I be forced to get the jab by customs either US or Canadian customs?