Halton Region blitz puts 28% of trucks out of service

by Today's Trucking

MILTON, Ont. – Halton Regional Police Service conducted a two-day commercial vehicle enforcement blitz Oct. 6-7, placing 28% of inspected vehicles out of service.

Trucks were pulled in at the Mohawk Racetrack on Guelph Line in Milton, Ont. Halton Regional Police worked with other police and law enforcement agencies, and targeted trucks that appeared to be unsafe. More than 50 officers participated.

Truck inspectors conduct a blitz at Mohawk Raceway. (Photo: Halton Regional Police Service)

This year’s results were better than last, when 308 vehicles were inspected and 99 were taken out of service, for a failure rate of 33%.

Sgt. Ryan Snow told Today’s Trucking that there were 340 inspections during the blitz, with 96 trucks placed out of service and 250 charges laid.

“The purpose of the truck blitz is to conduct proactive enforcement to ensure compliance with legislation pertaining to mechanical fitness, weights, load security, safety/inspection compliance and licensing,” Snow said. “Issues identified at the blitz varied across all categories and are reflective of those commercial motor vehicle-type offences seen throughout the year. Mechanical issues identified suggest a lack of maintenance and due diligence in daily inspections could resolve significant concerns. Weights also continue to be a safety concern as police continuously note that CMV dump truck drivers claim little control pertaining to overloading of their vehicles.”

Snow pointed out that overloaded trucks damage roadways and pose handling and braking concerns.

“I’d also note that it needs to be highlighted that an out-of-service rate of 28% only means 28% of trucks directed into the blitz failed to meet required standards, and is not necessarily a reflection of all trucks on area roadways,” Snow added. “Further, alcohol screening activities at the blitz led to licence suspensions for three CMV drivers, and also identified a 14-year suspended driver, resulting in a seven-day vehicle impound and multiple charges against the driver and company owner.”

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  • That’s great they took those vehicles off the road but what about the rest of the year why does it take a blitz to make headlines that we all k ow in the trucking business is a major problem for local carriers on the bright side Halton region made sure they met there inspection numbers at 20% defects found want to make sure we meet our Job Performance Expectations

  • Regarding the have lumber truck in Oakville vs. straps. I have in excess of 30 yrs.
    trucking, 20 yrs doing flatbed work. The straps used are definitely unacceptable and the driver either inexperienced or careless. The former can be taught the latter should not be in trucking. The onus lays on the shoulders of the company he hauls for in the lack of training and/or indifference in the hiring process.
    Companies must review their hiring policies. If such individuals like the speeder on Hwy 138 and this lumber truck driver were not hired in the first instance, then these problems would not have occurred. Something to think about!!