Insurers assure truckers coverage includes Covid-19

TORONTO, Ont. – Truckers have been assured they will be covered by life and health insurers’ out-of-country medical coverage if they are infected with the Covid-19 virus while in the U.S.

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) confirmed continued coverage this morning, after concerns were raised by truckers and the trucking industry that coverage would not include Covid-19.

“With restrictions to non-essential travel beginning in the coming days, Canada’s insurers want to be clear that commercial truckers will not lose their group out-of-country medical coverage due to recent travel restrictions,” Stephen Frank president and CEO of CLHIA said. “The commercial trucking industry is providing crucial services to support Canadians with goods at all times, but particularly now.”

“Clients are covered for Covid-19 as long as they are not symptomatic before traveling across the border.” – Glenn Caldwell, NAL Insurance

The announcement comes after initial reports that out-of-country medical coverage for truckers may not include Covid-19 infections, due to the national travel advisory warning against travel outside of Canada.

“Earlier this week, several insurers sent out memos stating that because there was a travel advisory from the government, they would not provide Travel coverage for Covid-19,” confirmed Glenn Caldwell, vice-president, corporate development at NAL Insurance. “Many of those statements have been retracted after an outpouring of calls from concerned fleets, trucking associations, and brokers. We want to ensure our NAL clients that we have always seen truck drivers as essential workers and NAL does not have a travel advisory exclusion in our travel policy. Therefore, our clients are covered for Covid-19 as long as they are not symptomatic before traveling across the border.”

National Truck League offered a similar assurance, confirming yesterday its travel medical emergency policy will cover cross-border drivers experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.

“Truck drivers today are heroes, like the firefighters of 911,” said Rod Stiller, president of National Truck League. “Truckers have never been more relied on than right now. Seeing as drivers are the last ones able to cross the border right now, it is in our DNA to support the trucking industry as we get through this difficult time.”

“There is enough fear, and I’m sure the highways are eerily quiet for those who are keeping industry going and groceries on our table. Let this be one less thing to worry about,” Stiller added. 

However, drivers should not cross into the U.S. if showing signs of Covid-19, and if they return to Canada exhibiting symptoms, they must self-quarantine for 14 days.

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) thanked the CLHIA for its support of the trucking industry.

“The Ontario Trucking Associations applauds CLHIA for stepping up in this time of crisis. Our nation’s truck drivers are working hard to ensure the vital goods Canadians require during the Covid-19 crisis are delivered onvtime. These drivers need to know their insurers are behind them every step of the way at a time their services are more critical than ever,” said OTA president Stephen Laskowski.

“This is a moment in time for everyone in the insurance industry to come together and support the men and women who provide this essential service. The Ontario Trucking Association would like to thank the government of Ontario and the federal government for the ongoing dialogue on this and all other matters related to trucking – their support and guidance has been tremendous.”

James Menzies is editor of Today's Trucking. He has been covering the Canadian trucking industry for more than 18 years and holds a CDL. Reach him at or follow him on Twitter at @JamesMenzies.

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  • That’s good news! Now, if only the Truck Fleet Insurer’s would relax their underwriting criteria to keep trucks moving and insured during this national emergency, that would be even better!

  • There is a positive side of this virus, it will prove to all of us that things could change in a hurry and since most of us are taking everything for granted we get challenged with a global virus so my best guess now it will be to expect the unexpected and it will improve our way of looking at the future.
    See being a truck driver this operator have to adjust him or herself to quick changes so thank you all for the work done on the road.

  • Lets stop closing truck stops and parking areas then if we are classing them as ‘heros’. Especially in the US. !!!!

  • That is not what we are seeing for truck drivers getting sick. The insurance companies need a complete review as does the Ontario government medical care and treatment policies. We need new regulations to protect truck drivers and other people by delays caused by insurance companies. There needs to be stiffer fines and possibly jail time for insurance companies directors when it costs people their homes and health. 5195249596

  • Just maybe now!. The general public /media will realize just how important truckers really are instead of bashing truck driver on a daily basis.
    Especially when they now go to their local grocery stores especially, see there is no toilet paper,can food etc.. on the shelves.
    And yes these men and women are truly the unsung heroes.

  • Its nice to no that us truckers are insured for crossing the border as my self I cross the border because iam truck driver too I run ny city and jersey so far my health is ok I hope everyone learn from this pandemic may we all stay safe thanks Richard Pare