Non-preventable crashes causing carrier CSA scores to suffer

by Truck News

ARLINGTON, Va. — A new report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has found that non-preventable crashes have a significant impact on a carrier’s CSA score.

The study, involving more than a dozen carriers, calculated their CSA scores with and without non-preventable incidents included. Non-preventable crashes include: animal collisions; when another vehicle hits a legally parked truck; when another vehicle ran a stop light or stop sign and hit a truck; when the driver of the other vehicle was DUI; and truck-assisted suicide.

ATRI found a 15% improvement in CSA scores when the scores were recalculated with the above incidents removed.

“The trucking industry has identified a number of flaws in FMCSA’s calculation of carrier safety performance through the CSA BASICs and perhaps none is more egregious than the inclusion of non-preventable crashes in the Crash Indicator BASIC. ATRI’s latest analysis, using a very conservative definition of non-preventable crashes, demonstrates just how skewed FMCSA’s BASIC calculations can be,” said Scott Mugno, a member of ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee as well as vice-president of safety and maintenance for FedEx Ground.

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  • among other things, suicide by truck. Why should the pour driver be blamed for Something like that.
    So the driver is driving around, minding his own business. Bang, some suicidale person CHOOSES this truck, and the driver carries the blame… does that really make sense to anyone…
    and the bonus prize is a case of ptsd…