OOIDA fights back against underride guard legislation

by Truck News

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. – The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is opposing legislation that would mandate underride guards on all sides of commercial motor vehicles over 10,000 lbs.

The organization says the proposal would yield little, if any, safety benefits while costing the industry billions of dollars to comply.

“There is no assurance that such installations would result in fewer or less severe crashes involving heavy vehicles,” OOIDA president Todd Spencer said of the proposal.

The association is aware that for several decades the federal government has considered numerous proposed rules involving underride guards, but consistently concluded that the costs and impracticality would far outweigh perceived benefits to safety, OOIDA wrote in a release.

“Nothing has changed over these years,” said Spencer. “Proponents of this effort have given little consideration to the impact that front and side underride guards would have on the daily operations of truckers,” said Spencer. “Truck drivers would face serious challenges navigating grade crossings, high curbs and numerous other road conditions. Additionally, no front underride equipment is currently on the market because the concept lacks any practicality.”

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