OPP, MTO kick off Operation Corridor inspection blitz

by Truck News

AURORA, Ont. — The OPP and MTO today are kicking off a two-day Operation Corridor commercial vehicle inspection blitz.

The OPP points out over the past decade, more than 700 people have been killed on Ontario roads as a result of a collision with large transport trucks.

Last year there were 6,140 truck crashes in Ontario, including 69 fatalities. With these scary statistics disseminated, the OPP announced yesterday it would be launching Operation Corridor today.

“Over and above the increased risk of death and serious injuries, a collision on a major highway involving a large truck often results in a highway closure that can last for many hours. This has a significant impact on the movement of traffic and goods, making these types of collisions among the most disruptive and socially and economically costly,” said OPP Deputy Commissioner (Brad) Blair, Provincial Commander of Traffic Safety and Operational Support.

“Whether from Ontario, another province or south of the border, the OPP is counting on all commercial transport truck drivers who drive on Ontario highways to help keep them safe for all road users,” the OPP said in a release. “They can do so by ensuring the safe movement and condition of their vehicles every day and by making a commitment to being among the safest drivers on the road.”

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  • Why not get out there and do their job 365 days a year and really clean things up instead of the BIG HOOPLA on a 2 day blitz that is promoted in advance so the owners / drivers of the scummy vehicles know when to take 2 days off

  • I really don’t get the point of these ” announced safety blitzes “…. The usual culprits that wheel around in beaten and battered trucks just ” happen to be parked and not running ” on these inspection days. Perhaps if you truly want to blitz the industry, you do it quietly and nab the vehicles that really are a menace. However, I still sit and patiently await a “safety blitz” on all the 4 wheelers that continue to run amuck on Ontario roads. I guess a 4000 lb car running 120 kmh while the driver yaps on the phone , texts non stop , or applies their makeup or countless of other things we all see daily is not considered a threat to anybody.? Maybe one of these days somebody will wake up and target the real reason the carnage continues to get worse on Canadian roadways. Safety, knowledge, training and awareness is not just the job of commercial truck drivers. Or has the OPP forgot that along the way ??

  • They target the worst looking trucks to inspect then announce what a high percentage they pulled off the road. This just makes the whole trucking industry look bad. If they inspect EVERY truck the public would have a much better idea about how safe commercial trucks really are. Plus, MTO inspectors are supposed to fail 20% of all trucks because some bureaucrat in a suit somewhere decided that’s the average that should fail. These blitzes don’t make the roads safer, all they do is scare the general public with misleading information.

  • They should target the worst looking trucks,,,those are usually the ones with mechanical failures. I work in safety in transportation and I wish they were out there more often. The MTO forces these guys and gals to get their trucks fixed and defects looked after. If more trucks were pulled over then the roads would be safer. I hope they pull in over 100 of our trucks because the drivers know we expect everything in good order.