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OTA creates survey concerning CB, two-way radios

TORONTO, Ont. — The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA)  is seeking input for a survey it has published concerning specific exemptions for holding and use of two-way radios (including hand-held CB radios) that are set to expire on January 1, 2018.

These time-limited exemptions currently allow the use a two-way radio for the following:

  • Certain public function employees (eg., bus drivers);
  • Commercial drivers;
  • Amateur radio operators (eg., an Industry Canada-licensed operator which could include a commercial driver).

For two-way radios, the exemption allows a driver to push and hold the button on a hand held two-way radio device when driving. The driver can push a button to talk and release it to listen, repeating as often as necessary to have a conversation. If the hands-held device is a microphone, it must be secured in, or mounted to the vehicle and within easy reach of the driver. Two-way radio, hands-free devices that are clipped to the driver’s belt or attached to his/her clothing are also exempt.

The expiration of this exemption would prohibit the hand-held use of two-way radios for all road users (aside from law enforcement outlined in the current regulation). For this reason, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is considering three options to address the expiry of the exemption:

  1. Extend the exemption for hand-held use of two-way radios for an additional seven years (and review again in seven years).
  2. Make the exemption permanent (as some other Canadian jurisdictions have done).
  3. Allow the exemption to expire, effective January 1, 2018 (making hand-held use of devices illegal and requiring all currently exempted drivers to use hands-free alternatives only).

To assist OTA in responding to the MTO on this issue, the OTA wants your input on the matter. You can complete the OTA’s survey by clicking here.


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4 Comments » for OTA creates survey concerning CB, two-way radios
  1. Bill Weaver says:

    Leave it to the U.S. FMCSA and they will ruin this for us.

    NOTHING to do with safety, just a way to generate more federal grant money for these sorry, anti trucking some of bitches.

  2. Hiram Percy says:

    Any numbers on how many amateurs have been involved in road accidents.

  3. joe says:

    a 2 way radio is safe as long its not being use with computer 2 way radio is safe not unsafe like a cell phone we don’t have to look at the screen we don’t texts message cb radio you lissen for talking ham radio we can change frq with up and down button 2 way radio took a lot of drunk driver off the road many times ham radio save a life radio mite save your love life some day radio 10 times safer then a cell phone

  4. Tim says:

    CB and two way radios are needed in the industry have never seen an accedent caused by them. we haul on and off rd . In northwestern ontario . The next thing they will want is radio in my truck hands free.

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