U.S. confirms Canadian truckers will need to be vaccinated as of Jan. 22

by Today's Trucking

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed Jan. 22 as the date Canadian truckers will need to be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

The long-expected move follows Canada’s own vaccination mandate for truck drivers and other essential workers that went into effect Jan. 15.

“Starting on Jan. 22, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security will require that non-U.S. individuals entering the United States via land ports of entry or ferry terminals along our northern and southern borders be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and be prepared to show related proof of vaccination,” said Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas.“These updated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy.”

Non-U.S. individuals must “verbally attest” to their vaccination status, and provide proof electronically or on paper. A DHS FAQ advises travelers to expect longer wait times at the border as the requirement is rolled out.

Those who don’t comply will be refused entry and will possibly be subjected to fines.

Canada U.S. border
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“We are aligned with them. We know how important it is to ensure the free flow of goods and services,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said of the coming rules during a Wednesday press briefing.

He also argued that trucking and logistics companies have known since November that the vaccination requirements were coming, and that there should have been little surprise.

But Trudeau acknowledged a “miscommunication” by the Canada Border Services Agency left the impression that Canada was not going to enact its rules, which were ultimately put in place. “It was quickly corrected,” he said.

The government corrected the CBSA statement about 16 hours after it was broadly distributed to media.

“Getting our supply chain operat[ing] and sustainable and as risk-free as possible is about protecting the industry – businesses and the workers,” federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos added, referring to the vaccine mandate as the right health and economic policy.

More than 30 truck drivers protesting the rules slowed border crossings at Emerson, Manitoba, on Monday, and threats of other convoys and protests have circulated on social media. The Canadian Trucking Alliance has since issued a statement that it disapproves of protests on public roadways.

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  • So now that this is confirmed, although it’s be known for quite a while now, are these clowns still going to converge (from both coasts no less) on Ottawa to bitch about having to be vaccinated to cross the border? I started in the mid seventies and the one thing that has stayed the same among all of the horrendous changes is drivers bitching about stuff and waiting until the last second to do something about it. The something they always do is ineffective and usually foolish so they go back to work until they do it all over again. Yeah you remember me telling you on the radio to quit blocking all the lanes it won’t do anything but piss people off and I hope the ambulance or fire truck you could be impeding isn’t going to your loved ones. Or the chestnut when I told you figure out your costs and go talk to the company you were leased to with numbers explaining why you needed more money like you were operating a business instead of that let’s have a shutdown nonsense. Yeah it was me that pulled over to the shoulder when the cops supported your nonsense in Quebec and told me to. I went around you fools and was grabbing gears and back in Ontario before you idiots figured out if it was 6&4 with 250 Cummins and hair drier or a 3408 Cat, never came to a stop. Sit on the side of the road with a bunch of whiners lying for nothing, I don’t think so.

    • Bing forced to take a dangerous injection is not “bitching about stuff” . You don’t want to join that’s your choice Billy but just stay out of the way.

      • Nobody is being “forced” to take the vaccine.You make your “choice” and then live with the consequences of your decision.

      • Exactly. Being forced to take experimental injections against your will and better judgment is insane. This entire inject the world with never-ending shots has to stop. They don’t work, they don’t stop you from getting the covid flu or from spreading it. It is illegal to force medical procedures on people especially when those procedures are dangerous even deadly leaving people injured, permanently disabled, and has killed more people than we know about. The only way to end this is by natural immunity which is at least 27 times more protective than multiple shots, with no adverse reactions, deaths or disabilities. It is amazing how commonsense and centuries of medical science has been tossed aside for this insanity. It is an attack, an assault, and illegal.

    • Hi Billy,
      I feel so sorry for you.You don’t understand what is going on recently (last 2 y). I am not sure if you are aware that you don’t own your body anymore.Your body belongs already to government and big farma. As a vegan I am very careful what I am putting in to my body and I really wish you good lack with you immune system being destroyed by the cocktail you took.I am still a free man.What about you Billy are you still a free man?

    • Hey Billy – since you seem to know everything, answer me this: The new Canadians blocked the inspection stations because they were pissed about the SPIF axle law…and the government backed down. And don’t even bother saying I’m a racist or I’m discriminating. The point I’m trying to make is that a group of people complained long and loud about something that was in the works for years / and they knew it was coming…and they made a difference. So why do you think these guys can’t make a difference? And this is WAY worse! It is their bodies and they have the right to refuse the vaccination. Is there any proof that truckers are spreading Covid like wildfire? I look forward to your answer.

  • Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for supper
    Benjamin Franklin
    Somebody gets the rotten end of the stick always

  • Now we all are instructed to get the vaccines like the two of them and I did verify that if there was a third and fourth and so on the USA border is only looking at the two shot and it would be ok until any one from either side like illuminate politician decide to change all of that.
    I suppose now ther will be a greater demand for drivers and the US are looking at getting young driver as young as 18yo on long haul assignment and in Canada they would offer sign in bonus we all know what bonus mean? it come with strings attached
    So we will see a significant change in the way that loads are going to be moving hoping for the best..

  • Let the Americans take care of the “Biden/Harris” clown show and we’ll take care of our clown show. Don’t be swayed by the fancy prince in Ottawa or any of his minions, this crap has gone far enough.

  • Great, now it will take 2-4 hours to cross each way instead of just one way. Time to stop crossing border and I’m fully vaccinated. Not that it matters any.

  • More of the Freemasons manadate to destroy the economy and lives of everyperson on earth.
    All trucker should shut there engines off and let the stores empty. We need to make a once and for all stand
    to get the message across that we have had enough!
    All the politicains who are mostly freemasons should be fired.

    • 100% Right!!! I am not a trucker and don’t personally know any but I pray you guys get together….AND you John should take the lead and Ll those of like mind with you. If there is no food we public ppl will figure it out. Many I know will cheer you on!!

  • Our truckers have every right to protest as does anyone else in this country! Sometimes it takes an act like this convoy or a bit of peaceful civil disobedience to get the point across. And it takes courage to do so these days – so go, go, go!

    Coercion is NOT a consequence like someone below said. Obviously they believe in the no-name “experts” and don’t believe in second opinions when it comes to your own health! What about the last 2 years when the truckers were bringing goods – no one complained – oh but now that it is a political mess that threatens your very rights as a citizen, you think they should take the jab. Isn’t it their choice?

    And how many truckers do you come in contact with every day – kind of a solo job!? Yes it is THEIR choice and everyone’s choice. Thank you truckers for standing up! Good for you and I don’t care if every shelf is empty. Maybe a little reason will come into the mix in this very one-sided narrative. As a proud Canadian I stand by our Canadian truckers! Don’t listen to the fearful!

    I don’t say much usually – but I had to support this protest! Thank you Truckers!

  • For the record I’m a triple vaxxed long haul cross border trucker. I’ve followed all the rules, self isolated and kept working throughout this whole thing. I’m gratefull to have a job but am extremely resentfull over this latest government over reach. I don’t agree in the strongest possible terms with mandates of this sort. I’ve followed the rules and for that matter as truckers we were self isolating before the government figured out what to do in the beginning. Lockdowns and mandates in my opinion haven’t accomplished anything but allowed weak politicians to pat themselves on the back. If a nurse doesn’t want to receive a vaccine I for one am willing to support their decision, after all they’ve seen all the gory details from the FRONT LINES haven’t they. Our public safety has become far too political and not near enough sensible.
    Thank you Truck News for being there to inform and support us as always.

  • I don’t do anything for free unlike many of you. I’m vaccinated three times, not just for me but to protect those who are more susceptible to this virus and kids that can’t get it yet. Also trying to help with not clogging up the medical system that was already in a perilous state before this so cancer patients and other serious issues can be attended to.
    As far as the clowns that blocked the chicken houses I said then and still say they had ten years warning yet they still went and bought trucks not designed for the job or incoming regulations. Much of the junk was bought at auction and often wore out American spec highway tractors the weren’t suitable even before SPIF. I don’t agree with the SPIF stuff without it I’d be running a 346″ wheelbase so I could have the sleeper I want but they won’t let me.
    My whole family has always been in trucking, grew up in it and I stand by what I said always been the same. We lost the battle now let’s get together and stage a frivolous fight. The sad thing is their are valid issues to contest that would be worthwhile. The ridiculously unforgiving ELD rules would be a good place to start.
    There is nothing experimental about these vaccines at this point, billions have been administered. Quit reading BS on facebook and other foolishness. Don’t listen to people like R.F. Kennedy Jr. who climbed to the top of the stupid tree and fell hitting every branch on the way down.
    I see now they have raised a bunch of money for this farce. Now we just wait for the fighting over who gets it to begin.
    You go by these log book rules and this ELD crap and a plethora of other rules but a vaccination that could save lives is where you think the line should be drawn. Odd don’t you think. As someone else said you aren’t being forced, you made a choice. This is what comes with the choice and they told you so a couple of months ago that this is what would happen. We don’t get to choose which rules to abide by and which ones we won’t otherwise my life would be a lot more fun.

  • For me it is not about the vaccinations – its about timing – why now? The truck drivers were the ones who at the beginning of the pandemic were the heroes. And all of that time how much transmission of the virus did you hear about in the industry? When you did hear about them getting sick it was due to them coming into the office. Truck drivers have very limited interaction with the public. For the most part they are contained in their own ‘vessel’ as opposed to being a bus driver or a health care worker (and in that industry I have family members in rural areas who refused to be vaccinated and are still allowed to work with the public). Why force one of the most necessary sectors of our work force with arguably one of the least chances of spread to get vaccinated now? Its almost insulting. I am not a driver and I am vaccinated. I work in the industry and have seen what the guys have been up against over the past two years.

  • being put out of work for not getting the expermintal drug is with out a dought being forced dont matter how you cut the pie , the convoy is more than a protest against the ecp. drug its getting our country back from the communist leader now in power and all his misfits , just take a look at who’s got high positions in our parliment , and we all know trudope has to leave

  • The United States require the truckers to be fully vaccinated if they want to enter the united states. They are protesting against the mandates in canada. Even if the canadian goverment lifts the vaccine mandate for truckers entering canada they still need to be vaccinated to enter the united states! So where is the logic in the protests in canada? This is what happens when there are some brain dead trouble makers who persuade other brain dead people that they are right to cause problems for everyone in canada. Why don`t they do the same in the united states and protest in washington? Useless people!!!!!

  • What is the point of the protesters if they can’t enter the states unless vaccinated end the protest you truckers

  • I’m trying to understand the mandate that the truck drivers are protesting against !
    I’m not for or against, I just need to know why have the drivers so against this issue.

  • Canadian truckers are prohibited from entering the U.S. unless they have the jab, the reason cited is the safety of the American people. Yet Biden allows illegals from the southern border to enter the U.S. with no such restriction. Obviously, the administration is lying for political reasons. This type of hypocrisy is one reason trucker protests in Washington are being organized as we speak.