Volvo commits to ongoing effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions

by Truck News

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Volvo Group North America vowed Dec. 2 to support the American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge, joining 153 U.S. companies in an effort to battle climate change.

“Volvo Group’s vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions, and environmental care has been one of our core values for more than 40 years,” said Susan Alt, senior vice-president of public affairs for Volvo Group North America. “Volvo is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and we encourage other businesses to join us and recognize the importance of reducing their environmental impact.”

Volvo Group is also the only automotive manufacturer that is a member of the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program, having joined in 2010, which, in addition to several environmental efforts, aims to reduce carbon emissions from its products by 50 million tonnes and by more than 20%.

The Swedish-based automotive group also participates in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Better Plants Program, and was one of 11 groups in the program that had met its goal by the end of 2014 of reducing energy consumption in eight manufacturing facilities by 26.8% compared to a 2009 baseline.

The American Business Act on Climate Pledge states:

“We applaud the growing number of countries that have already set ambitious targets for climate action. In this context, we support the conclusion of a climate change agreement in Paris that takes a strong step forward toward a low-carbon, sustainable future. We recognize that delaying action on climate change will be costly in economic and human terms, while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy will produce multiple benefits with regard to sustainable economic growth, public health, resilience to natural disasters and the health of the global environment.”

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