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Business degrees, diplomas and courses provides advance standing for CITT designation

TORONTO, Ont. – The Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) has announced that it will recognize formal business education degrees, three-year diplomas and individual courses to be put toward advance standing for the academic requirements of its CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation.

“Prior business education can significantly cut the number of courses needed to earn the CCLP designation,” said Catherine Viglas, CITT president and CEO. “So students who start in CITT’s winter semester in January could be 60% of the way, or more, to completing the academic requirements for the designation by the end 2016.”

The CCLP designation is for anyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods and product or is impacted by supply chain logistics.

People can visit CCLP Route Finder online at to see if they qualify for advance standing.

“Advanced standing provides exemptions against the general business education requirements for the CCLP designation” explained Viglas. “CITT’s suite of specialized logistics courses is required for every professional who holds their CCLP. This guarantees a national standard while giving logistics professionals knowledge that is portable throughout their career progression. Even senior people who’ve worked in the industry for over a decade report the courses give them a new depth of understanding to manage profitable supply chain operations.”

The CITT is a source of logistics courses, professional certification and expertise.

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