Trucking alliance welcomes rural, northern immigration pilot

John G Smith

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance is applauding plans for a five-year federal immigration project meant to help newcomers – including truck drivers – settle in local communities.

Immigrants will be selected for the pilot program based on occupational skills and local needs, including roles from truck drivers to teachers. About 3,000 participants are expected overall.

“[This program] is not just a temporary foreign worker program. It’s a permanent program to give permanent residency to skilled immigrants and their families,” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Minister Ahmed Hussen said during a related press scrum.

The trucking industry has a significant driver shortage and as our sector continues to work diligently to attract Canadian citizens to the occupation of truck driver, innovative immigration pilot programs like these will also help will gaps in the labor market while helping the Canadian economy grow,” said Canadian Trucking Alliance president Stephen Laskowski. “Our hope is this program’s success will spur its evolution from a pilot to a permanent program, which will allow all qualifying Canadian fleets, regardless of location, to attract truck drivers from overseas to become Canadian citizens employed in the trucking industry.”

“Filling these driving positions immediately is crucial and this pilot will help do that. As an industry, we are continuing to review and implement both short and long-term solutions to the driver shortage,” added Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada.

John G Smith

John G. Smith is the editorial director of Newcom Media's trucking and supply chain publications -- including Today's Trucking,, TruckTech, Transport Routier, Inside Logistics, Solid Waste & Recycling, and Road Today. The award-winning journalist has covered the trucking industry since 1995.

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  • What driver shortage? Fleets suffer from driver churn due to their poor hiring practices. If there was a true shortage wouldn’t the shelves be empty @ Loblaws, Walmart or Canadian Tire. Just because fleets have an excess of equipment doesn’t mean there is a driver shortage.

  • Oh, so that’s why they took OSAP away from college and university students and sent them all letters saying their grants have now turned into loans.

    Hey, thanks Canadian government for once again ignoring your life long tax paying citizens so that you can give more of our money away to move new people in.

    I will refrain from further comments about this and the CTA is my opinions will just get me banned here.

  • Why bring Immigrants to Canada for the trucking industry?So they can be abused as well! Don’t forget to tell them, that they are going to work long hours, and they probably will be working for some of those hours for free. If the trucking industry want drivers in the seats of there trucks, pay hourly, and a fair hourly wage. For the GTA lets start at $35hr, I don’t think there will be a driver shortage for vary long. thanks

  • My hero ,my uncle, my everything, my name is bigirimana omar, I’m from poorest country burundi, I’m living I. Turkey, I’m aCollage student mechanical engineering, I want to build my life in Canada . I need your help my hero, I want to become a pilot, it’s my dream since I was child, I’m from poor family, my mother passed away and father tooI’m writing this message to you my hero, I need your help! Please!

  • Please, Minister, we are the refugees. When we are considering resettling him, for example, I have been a refugee for 12 years as a refugee who is prohibited from working and traveling to any of his provinces in Turkey. I tell you that my father was killed in Iraq and threatened with death.

  • My name is mohamed Ibrahim I am 25 years old from Somalia I live in Switzerland 3.5 years but still struggling Asylum I need help please iam honest person I am fit for every job in Canada I thank you for your reading my request God bless Canada

  • assalmualikom, I’m Mohammed Kaosher, from refuge camp of Bangladesh.
    I’m very interested to come Canada.
    but I’m not able now.
    i need ur help immediately

  • My name is Sa’id Hassan Osman live in Somalia Mogadishu and I’m highly appreciated to come there in Canada with my experience of agriculture science because I studied agricultural Science at Horyaal University in Mogadishu Somalia and I’m 23 years ago and did my bachelor degree agricultural Science may the Minister of immigration and citizenship of Canada help me and get in touch with me despite he is the representative of Somalia Canadian ? Waiting your response
    Sincerely sir

  • so many truck drivers not having jobs. Tough competition among drivers here and plans are to get drivers from outside. Does that makes sense ?its ridiculous

  • This is very promising to me as a truck driver who has been applying for the same in vain. Thank you.
    Am interested.

  • My name is Jack Ndungu. Would love to join in your trucking company as a driver. Have a vast experience in commercial trucks and would appreciate any consideration given to me. I am from Kenya and looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.