Accuride’s 40-pound aluminum wheel

John G Smith

Accuride has unveiled its new Quantium 99 alloy aluminum wheel that weighs in at just 40 pounds.

Accuride's 42644Said to be 20% stronger than the company’s previous alloy, Quantum 99 is also 11% lighter than Accuride’s most popular standard lightweight aluminum wheel. At five pounds per wheel, that shaves 100 pounds off a typical tractor-trailer when all wheel ends are replaced. The new designs doubles the fatigue life of competing 40-pound aluminum wheels thanks to advanced metallurgy and engineering, the company says.

“Quantum 99 will serve as the foundation of a new series of lightweight aluminum wheels from Accuride that provide superior fatigue life and durability to competing technology,” said Rick Dauch, president and Chief Executive Officer of Accuride.

The Quantum 99 is being launched on the standard 22.5×8.25 aluminum wheel.

That new 42644 aluminum wheel will be available in the third quarter of 2017 and is made at plants in Erie, Pennsylvania and Monterrey, Mexico. Additional wheels incorporating Quantum 99 will come later in the year.

John G Smith

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