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AeroFin XL helps improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Wabash National Corp. has developed its fifth aerodynamic solutions product line device, which is designed to improve trailer fuel economy.

The AeroFin XL Tail Device is a tail apparatus that directs airflow across the rear of the trailer to reduce drag, deploys and retracts automatically with swing door operation and features a more compact design and lighter weight compared to other conventional designs.

“We have a responsibility to our customers to continually provide innovative solutions that lower their total cost of ownership,” said Brian Bauman, vice-president and general manager of Wabash Composites. “After extensive research, development and testing, we’re pleased to offer the AeroFin XL as another option to help fleets reduce their fuel consumption, operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Wabash said that when used in conjunction with its Ventix DRS (drag reduction system), the AeroFin XL provides over 10% improvement in fuel economy (4% when used alone), and together, the devices are verified as an Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Elite aerodynamic device combination.

The device is the fourth aerodynamic solution for trailers Wabash has launched this year, all building upon 2009’s DuraPlate AeroSkirt.

“As the leading producer of semi-trailers and liquid transportation systems in North America, we realize there is no single solution that is ideal for every trailer application and customer,” Bauman added. “That is why we offer the most complete line of aerodynamic trailer devices in the industry, with product combinations that can yield more than 10% fuel economy improvement. It’s important that carriers understand aerodynamic testing methods and the questions that need to be asked when specifying aerodynamic devices. Our sales team at Wabash National is available to help fleet managers and owner-operators investigate the fuel saving options suitable for their operations.”

The AeroFin XL will be featured at the American Trucking Association’s 2016 Transportation and Maintenance Council Exhibition.

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