Air-Weigh delivers the straight goods

EUGENE, Ore. — Air-Weigh’s 5800 Series of on-board scales has recently been expanded to include new models designed specifically for straight trucks.

This new product, the Straight Truck Scale, was designed for vehicles with an air-suspension drive axle and a leaf spring steer axle. The newly released Straight Truck Scale aims to provide accurate on-board weighing to be utilized by fleets with delivery trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks and other straight truck applications.

The Air-Weigh Straight Truck Scale is a load management system that is permanently installed in the dash and calibrated to each suspension on the vehicle. With no operator interaction required, the two-inch gauge display automatically shows the steer and drive weights on one screen. A single button press displays GVW and Net Payload weights.

A 12V alarm output is standard and allows connection of an in-dash or exterior light or buzzer to warn of near-legal weight limit or over-legal weight on any axle or GVW.

Like all Air-Weigh scales, the Straight Truck Scale provides the ability to accurately weigh before leaving the shipper, eliminating the costs associated with leaving the loading site under or overweight.

“If you check-weigh at all, or even waste time checking your weights at the shipper’s in-ground yard scale, Air-Weigh provides a quick and simple ROI,” noted Jim Morton, Air-Weigh product manager.

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