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Ancra unveils new ratchet-cap winch

ERLANGER, Ky. -- Ancra International, a producer of winches used to secure loads to flatbed trailers, has unveiled ...

ERLANGER, Ky. — Ancra International, a producer of winches used to secure loads to flatbed trailers, has unveiled the next generation of its SilverCap ratchet-cap winch.

The self-contained system now features GrimeGuard, an extra weather-tight seal which is designed to protect the device’s key moving parts from moisture and road grime. The next generation SilverCap also has been engineered with a tamper-resistant centre shaft with locking threads which is designed to hold the ratchet-cap fast so it cannot be removed.

“These new improvements make the SilverCap an essential piece of equipment for any fleet manager, truck owner, operator, driver or loader who knows the crucial roles safety and efficiency play in their operation. It’s a no-brainer,” said Ralph Abato, director of sales and marketing for the cargo systems division of Ancra International.

Officials say the patented SilverCap is eliminates the repetitive insertion and removal of the winch bar each time straps are tightened down to secure a load to a trailer. Functioning like a socket wrench, it’s designed to allow the winch bar to remain in place in the ratchet-cap while the load straps are cranked tight. Strap tension does not slip, and the danger of the winch bar snapping back and injuring users is drastically reduced, Abato said. According to company officials SilverCap marks the first significant advance in load strap winch systems since their introduction 40 years ago.

“SilverCap already featured a permanently lubricated internal ratcheting mechanism that resists moisture, salt, dirt and road debris, but we wanted to make the product even more rugged and we have that with GrimeGuard,” Abato said. “The same applies to the center shaft with locking threads. The SilverCap ratchet-cap winch is securely fastened, but weve gone the extra mile by adding technology that will increase the durability of the SilverCap.”

Made of EPDM rubber, the GrimeGuard seal hugs the joint between the trademark silver-colored, galvanized cap and the main winch housing. The synthetic material is noted for superior resistance to damage from heat, oxidation, ozone, salt spray and other environmental factors.

“Simply put, this next generation of SilverCap is road-tested and engineered to be the most reliable piece of equipment on any flatbed trailer. Because it makes securing loads safer and more efficient, and is built to last, it will reduce day-to-day operating costs and losses associated with needless injuries,” said Abato.

For more information visit or call (800) 233-5138.

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