Said to be the very first commercial-vehicle auxiliary power system (APS) using a series of advanced lithium-ion battery modules, the Infini-Gen is an all-electric system thatís configurable to the kilowatt hours needed. From Enertek Solutions, it uses large prismatic cells with built-in controller area network, black-box logistics, and an internal thermal control battery management system. The Infini-Gen was designed to be a plug-and-play system. Installation usually takes as little as six hours on a standard class 8 truck, the company says.

The patented Infini-Gen anti-idling solutions are ‘the next generation’ in auxiliary power units for long-haul and local delivery trucks, Enertek claims. They provide a source of cab heating, air conditioning, and hotel-load power, using advanced battery technology originally developed for the military while using significantly less fuel than an idling truck engine would use.

Enertek says it’s in late-stage negotiations of licensing contracts with several global manufacturers for the newest Li-ion battery technology available.

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