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Cat announces new rating/transmission option

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A new rating and transmission combination is now available on the C13 and C15, Cat officials ann...

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A new rating and transmission combination is now available on the C13 and C15, Cat officials announced at the Mid-America Truck Show.

A new “Super Fuel Saver” multi-torque rating, combined with jointly developed Eaton transmission model RTLOC-16909A-T2, will optimize the fuel economy benefit of Cat engines with ACERT, officials said.

When combined with the ten-speed Eaton transmission, the Cat Super Fuel Saver rating maximizes fuel economy by taking full advantage of the torque curve provided by ACERT Technology, explained John Campbell, director of on-highway engine products. When specifying a drivetrain for a truck equipped with a Cat engine with ACERT, set the cruise at 65 mph while only turning 1,325 rpm. The vehicle can be operated at higher speeds, but optimum fuel efficiency will occur at 65 mph.

“One major advantage of ACERT Technology is that it allows the driver to operate the truck efficiently at a lower rpm and still maintain a reasonable cruise speed, resulting in superior fuel economy,” said Campbell. “This Cat Super Fuel Saver rating, combined with the Eaton transmission, is designed to optimize that fuel economy benefit-trucks spec’d with this combination can improve fuel economy by one-tenth of a mile per gallon, which to a large fleet translates to significant savings.”

Another key strength of the new transmission is flexibility, said Steve Brown, director of marketing for Caterpillar On-Highway Engines. Although it was designed primarily to help fleets get the best possible fuel economy from their engines with ACERT, at trade time it is easily converted to specifications preferred by owner/operators. Simply up-rate the engine to 1,650 lb-ft torque at 500 hp, convert the transmission to a 13-speed (model RTLO-16913A), and it cruises at 1,465 rpm at 72 mph.

“Fleet owners who spec their trucks powered by Cat engines with this transmission will enjoy superior resale value, since owner-operators can convert it to achieve optimal performance,” said Brown.

Several other features enhance driveability, Brown said. To take advantage of the performance and higher boost ACERT offers, modifications were made to the electronics. Improvements to the cruise control enhance responsiveness by allowing a smoother transition from coasting episodes to acceleration by better anticipating the need for power. An “auto-retarder in cruise” feature provides three stages of retarding action: medium retarder, high retarder and high retarder with automatic downshift. The transmission shifts automatically in the top two gears, which helps protect drivers from fatigue.

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